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Something fishy is up in Oklahoma!

So i just received my first robo call from the Oklahoma GOP. All questions were about who i was voting for at the state convention. I have a funny feeling somethings not quite right. They will probably try to disqualify me!

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Were the choices delegates to

Were the choices delegates to the national convention or presidential candidates? If presidential candidates, select Mitt Romney or undecided! They do NOT need to know anyway, and yes this does sound FISHY to high heaven! Nothing is below these statists!

It's OK

The robocall was put out by the national committeman candidate who is a RP supporter. It's been disgused and confirmed by his daughter on some facebook threads tonight. It's always good to check first before answering though. If you are a delegate to state please make sure you get connected with the other delegates before you get to state.

National? Or State of Oklahoma? I would not tell anyone who I

was voting for if I were a delegate at this point.....NOBODY


Bump! Not good. We swept 3

Bump! Not good. We swept 3 districts and we'll probably do well at the state convention.