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The dollar may be done: new reserve currency after the election

The BRICS are coming! New reserve currency after the election:

"Get positioned for the dethroning of the U.S. dollar as the primary reserve currency, according to Trends Research Institute Founder Gerald Celente.

Since the balance of global trade has changed quite dramatically from 1944, the year of the Bretton Woods agreement and the introduction of the dollar standard, Celente sees the tend of competing currencies taking on more of the dollar’s role for international trade accelerating.

As far as when western powers will move to a new currency, which has been speculated to include a weighted basket of currencies as well as a gold component, it won’t happen during an election year, Celente speculated. Politics comes first.

“I would expect it to happen after the presidential elections,” Celente told Russia Today. “They’re going to do everything they can to try and keep this thing going and try to sooth any kind of ripples coming from around the world.”

The transition away from a rapidly declining dollar as the primary global central bank asset has been slow in coming, too slow, in fact, prompting today’s fastest growing economic powers, the BRICS nations, to make other arrangements between themselves without the assistance or cooperation of the US."

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BRICS may not wait.

Iran has already cut off oil to Europe and the Euro may melt down as soon as June. If Israel is stupid enough to bomb Iran, with NATO's blessing, BRICS may decide to finish Europe, Israel and the US, once and for all, BEFORE we start World War III.

A couple of years ago I asked

A couple of years ago I asked a friend "How long will the world continue to allow Washington to just run all over it?" Then the whole BRICS thing started happening. They must have seen that it is insanely unhealthy for ONE country to have that much power over everyone else. Its what the founding fathers feared most too-the concetration of power in the hands of a few.