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Soldier Dismissed over Obama comment


What do you guys think about this?

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maybe this could work to our advantage....

we need to get ahold of this guy and use this story to point out how terrible the wars are, how loss of life and limb just isnt worth it, how even our military people should be allowed their opinions, and have a say in addressing their beliefs. i dont care about their "obligation" to their code or president, ahlbombya still hasent proven that he is our real president, and whether proven true or not, he has no right to force his will on ANYONE!!! he has become a dictator! if i was in the military, i would still consider myself to be a free american....
my son in law just got shipped out, and he tells me that everyone he talks to is 100% FOR ron paul! recently i read an aricle about how many, many of our military votes dont even get counted! that is a travesty of justice!
get this guy to the campaign! he needs to talk to the good doctor, cause we need to make an issue of this! otherwise, it could blow up in our faces if the fake pres ever decided to tell the military to turn their guns on american citizens....
dont say it could never happen.... im no longer surprised at anything our liar in chief does.


ron in 12!

Same thing (or worse) probably happened to soldiers

who spoke against the Fuhrer in 1930s Germany.

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I think it sucks! Obama could have pardoned him...

I get it about the Military Code of Justice...blah blah when you are in the military you are a slave to the state and you can't criticize the commander in chief....etc.

Spare me on all that tired nonsense.

All of that is a bunch of false flags to the real issue here and that is:

Obama, if he were even HALF a man (and I CAN criticize the bastard, and I will!)...if Obama had even an OUNCE of character...he could have said..."You know what. I don't agree with what this guy said about me...but I am going to let him go and continue to serve his country."

That would have been a seriously smart political move towards a Military that all but hates him. It would have been a brilliant tactical move.

But no...Obama is just not that smart. He is a neocon (so an automaton) through and through.

Can't wait to see him voted out of office. One of the worst presidents this country has ever known...right up there with GW Bush.

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.


to that... One more thing to add, Obama should consider the fact he's even got people willing to "serve" period. If the sheeple would awaken, I seriously doubt anyone would be supporting these wars. Plus all these troops are being slowly killed thanks to the DU in the munitions. We keep talking about nukes, but the USA is using mini-nukes each and every day in these endless wars.

He knew the rules

My Dad was a lifer 36 years in the USN, and he told me, "I don't care who or what(party) is president. I serve that office, not the person."

So to me... when in the military, you do not have a right to your opinion. You "sold yourself out" (we all sell ourselves out in our own ways)

I'm sorry he said what he did and I'm sorry he has to pay the price being the example. Maybe noriety will suit him and it won't be that bad an experience?

Yes, but...

read this letter from a soldier in the UK who refused to fight in Afghanistan, was sentenced to five months in a military prison, and now writes that he made the right decision:

"Those sending our young men and women to die or be mutilated for nothing have no authority to say what is honourable, courageous, heroic, or cowardly. You can volunteer, and you can un-volunteer. It's in the contract. Then perhaps our cynical, diamante-poppy-wearing political class will stop using the last dead kid to justify the next dead kid – insisting we must fight on so they have not died in vain. By refusing, I clawed back some honour from an honourless war."


Frankly, I think all young men and women should refuse to fight. Maybe then this insane American imperialism would stop. Remember the old line from the 60's?
"What if they gave a war and nobody came?"

Respect the rank, not the person

I agree with the soldier's thoughts, but the military is full of rules and regulations and that is one of the rules.