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Should Romney run as Independent or Democrat?

Several posts here have suggested to me a really fun (and hopefully effective) theme to advance during the endgame to the nomination.

Should Romney run as an Independent or as a Democrat? Polls show that Paul can beat Obama while Romney can't. Is it time for Romney to drop out of the GOP race? Yeah, they say he almost has the delegates he needs to win the nomination, but that has nothing to do with reality, where Paul is winning delegates (after the beauty contests) left and right.

And, dang it, Paul keeps coming up, again and again (see Rasmussen polls of late) as the GOP candidate who beats Obama when nobody else can.

Worse, whether Paul wants or not, LOTS of his supporters won't vote for anyone but him -- nomination or not. It's not Paul himself. He just showed Americans what's going on, and people support him for that. Many, many of them will simply refuse to vote for anyone but Paul -- again, not because it's Ron, but because the principles he's taught them won't allow them to vote for slow catastrophe instead of rapid catastrophe. They want to let the world know that it has TWO CHOICES: Vote Paul and get our country back, or suffer another term under Obama's growing dictatorship. Romney administration simply isn't in the cards.

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Romney should drop out and endorse Ron Paul

He should be Obama's VP. :)

He should be Obama's VP. :)

independent or democrat?

i think he should run as someone who doesnt want to be tarred and feathered- fast and furious! and take ahlbombya with him!


ron in 12!

Run from the Convention, when we cheer for Ron Paul.

I believe that Dr. Paul set the foundation for Reagan's win in 1980.

Fox News didn't come on line until 1985.

Free includes debt-free!

Could you PLEASE stop

Could you PLEASE stop bringing up the Rasmussen poll for TWO weeks ago? Not only did it not say that Ron Paul would win. (it was within the margin of error, which to anyone with a basic knowledge of statistics means it said NOTHING) but in the last two weeks, Rasmussen has posted at least THREE newer polls. And Ron Paul has won none of them while Romney has won 2.

If you keep bringing it up, it is very easy to discredit you or call you desperate for hanging on to the ONE poll in the last couple months that showed any positivity for Ron Paul, and ignoring the fact that several have shown positive results for Romney.

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What did I say that was

What did I say that was trollish? Or is reality trollish to you?

For example...look at TODAY'S Rasmussen poll. Romney wins by 2%. Ron Paul loses.

Everything I saidwas true. If you keep bringing that up, people will make fun of you for hanging on to the one tiny sliver of good news that the polls have delivered in the last two months.

IT makes you look bad (hypocritical) to have said ALL YEAR that the polls are bullshit...and then the one time that Ron Paul is favored to bring it up for WEEKS. So does that mean that that ONE poll is valid...but al the more recent ones are back to bullshit?

Do you still not understand the perception of Ron Paul supporters and how stupid crap like this makes that perception CORRECT? Are you just trying to make yourself happy here? Or are you trying to get others to listen to you?

I love this post

I'd like to see this go viral.. a full blown campaign of treat Romney as they treated us. lol it would be so awesome to see videos and article and so on. I'd die.