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A letter of thanks

A letter to Dr. Ron Paul

Doctor Paul,

Several months ago, a coworker sent me a few links to websites that featured you and detailed your cause. Your message really struck a chord with me. From there I began researching some of the issues that you were speaking about. Much of what I found shocked and frightened me, mostly because I hadn’t seen any of it in the media. I always knew there was some bias there, but I didn’t know how bad it really was. Connecting the dots, if you will, to all the issues I’d researched, didn’t make a pretty picture. I vowed at that point to continue digging and informing others of what I’ve learned, even at the risk of being perceived as a nut.

I think I can speak for a good number of our countrymen by saying that the last seven years have been rather lugubrious. Personally, I have felt a growing sense of despair and depression that has been hard to reckon with at times. Seeing catastrophic events like 9/11 and Katrina unfold and watching the government fail miserably in response has been surreal. Now there seems to be a hidden agenda aimed at the elimination of American sovereignty and personal liberty. What’s worse, most of the public is largely unaware of these issues.

My general opinion of our federal government is rather poor. It’s become a Frankenstein monster that’s gotten out of control and turned on us. At times, I feel that the fight for our continued, collective freedom is already lost. Those that were elected to protect us don’t seem to care about the future of our nation and the populous has forgotten its duty and responsibility to the cause of liberty.

I feel I need to thank you, Doctor, for renewing my sense of patriotism and giving me a glimmer of hope. To actually see someone come forward and speak the truth, no matter how painful or inconvenient, without wavering, is an inspiration. You have arrived, perhaps just in time, to rekindle the interest of all those, who like myself, have felt a sense of apathy and defeat. Your message is galvanizing our dormant patriots and resuscitating our collective spirit. People are again debating the real issues facing them and getting involved in the political process. I pray that the “sleeping giant” will once again awaken and reclaim his domain.

I will do everything in my power to spread your message and will contribute to the cause when and where I can. I pray that our citizens will awake and arise to meet the challenges before them. The stakes have never been higher.

Your concerned supporter,

John Vendetti, Bucks County, PA

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