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Posted this on my facebook about the Fed

A quick rundown of our nation's federal reserve system seems to be in order. The nation's people seem to know more about Trevon Martin than our country's corrupt banking system (thanks to a controlled system of national broadcast).
The "Fed" as it is known is our country's central bank. Nine times in the nation's history the shareholders of the fed have found a way through our system of government to place themselves as the nation's bank. Eight times in our nation's history they have been removed due to public outrage. Each time, as the nation became complacent and wealthy; the bank wormed it's way into power again, the last time being 1913 on Christmas eve while most of congress was away. They were this time granted a 100 year charter.
Who is the Fed? The Fed is made up of the super wealthy, names you do not know and will never see in a fortune 500 list, yet have far more wealth. The un named shareholders make Bill Gates' money seem like nothing. Some of these families have been around long before our nation was formed. They played both sides of every war predating Napoleon, being the national banks for both sides under different names. As nations spend money for war, the bank purely profits as they must borrow from the bank. The men behind the Fed hold no allegiance to America.
What is the Fed? The fed is a bank. Most nations on earth all have central banks under different names with the very same persons owning them. They are a bank for profit, and profit they do. The men and women of the families that own these banks are a different breed. They have money and power beyond imagination.
What does the Fed do? The Fed on the surface is chartered by our congress to control our nation's money supply. Why? who knows...it is certainly not needed, and never was directed by our constitution, in fact Jefferson himself warned that if a bank was allowed to control our nation's money, then corporations would grow up around it and one day our children would find themselves homeless in the nation our forefathers died for.
The Fed essentially counterfeits money....or creates it. It literally comes from nowhere. Wouldn't it be nice to print up a trillion dollars and loan it out? That money is by law, to be paid back at interest in real earned money and/or property. There has been little or no mention of the Fed since about 1950 once their lesser entities, foundations and corporations acquired full control of the national broadcast system, allowing not only the fed scam to go unnoticed, or justified, but to direct our nation to misuse of our military.
Presently knowledge of the Fed is again in the public eye, thanks to the internet. In retaliation, the Fed, through our system of national schooling has put teaching "the constitutionality of the federal reserve" into the curriculum nationwide. It is a scam people, one of the biggest scams in the history of the world. The Fed is not alone. The men who instituted it are white collar criminals. All around them are more and more criminals that have flocked to the money....and you wonder why our nation's finances are in disarray? And oh there is more! Ron Paul wants to end the Fed. President Kennedy was in the process of passing legislation to remove them from power in the 60's. He gave a speech vowing to expose their criminal enterprise just ten days before his death.
Know that the media in this nation is all ultimately under control of the Fed and it's affiliates. That's why we are talking about Trevon, or one scandal or another, but never addressing real issues such as how the votes are counted in our elections, or what is the federal reserve, or what is the bohemian club...etc. The "news" is to distract and manipulate.
The fed is but one major wrong in this country right now. We as American's still have the right to vote. We are one terrorist attack away from losing that. Or in the case of economic collapse, which looms on the horizon, executive orders have all been put in place to fully suspend our constitution indefinitely for "national security". Those orders being made throughout several presidencies, which may give some indication to the fact our presidents are chosen for us and all follow the same fundamental agendas.
Right now, a man is running for the office or president. He is an honest and noble man of good faith and good heart. He is called unelectable by the controlled media, yet is the only person running who currently holds an elected position and has been elected to public office more times than all the others put together, it makes you wonder how the media is capable of convincing people otherwise. The media has used every angle to stop him, using well known overpaid talking heads to discredit him. They say his foreign policy is dangerous by promoting fear. I have news for you, the world is mostly good people, although the stories on the news have brainwashed the masses to think otherwise. Iran is a threat? They have no air force for Christ's sake!!! They are not a threat to us, but they are one of the last strongholds in the world that will not accept a central bank from the owners of the Fed. Libya was another. Our media was used to villianize gaddafi, then under the pretense of a humanitarian effort, our military was used to overthrow that government, killing more than 40,000 innocent men, women and children in the process....our enemies do not hate us because we are free. Now the oil of libya is in the hands of big oil companies and the fed has a bank set up there to run the economy of libya.
Some good viewing would be the movie called "the money masters" and another would be "a slice of war". Both can be found on youtube.
To anyone reading, please take these facts seriously and research them yourself for confirmation, or contact me for evidence. These are very serious issues our nation faces, and every American needs to start caring, if not for yourself, then for the greater good of humanity and/or your children's sake.

I dont really use facebook, but do have 43 friends on there. Most are mainstream people who know nothing about Paul.