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presidential election votes to be counted by firm in SPAIN!

votes for presidential election will not be counted in the US

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The US voter registration form is not accessible to the blind

4 years ago I presented to the Elections Assistance Commission an accessible voter registration form and it was also submitted to them by the Vice President of the American Association of People with Disabilities. The EAC spent billions making accessible voting machines but they did not make the registration form to be accessible, so if you cannot register to vote, you cannot vote. There are close to 30 million Americans who are blind or visually impaired, the CDC has 15 million Americans diagnosed with eye diseases that lead to blindness and another 15 million Americans have cataracts in various stages of care and there is estimated to be about 6 to 7.5 million Americans who are legally blind, on government assistance which amounts to about 500,000 dollars during their lifetime. So the US government has spent trillions of dollars keeping the blind from being able to vote, from giving them access and the response I usually hear from the officials is, that the blind can register to vote when they get their drivers licenses.
So we can stop this right now, with a civil rights complaint under the voting rights act by stating that the states have actively denied the right to vote to 11% of the population. Even the primaries can be challenged because there are about 7 different major civil rights laws that have been broken in this election this year! Emancipate the blind, stop america's apartheid!

votes to be counted in Spain

talk about new and greater vote fraud..you can throw the 10% rule out the iffing window now..with this much control over vote count rigging and vote fraud,Obama the communist will get 4 more..bank on it..4 more years to complete the globalists new world disorder/hell on earth

randy n.

vote fraud

GWB caught the G. D. constitution on fire and comrade O-bomb-ya has let it burn up into ashes by order of the non-federal no-reserve banksters NWO boys

randy n.

If you want to secure voting

If you want to secure voting and reform elections you should also be posting where methods capable of doing such are proposed. Beware, do not follow the path of the occupy as complainer, nothing but problems are discussed or can't discuss solution.

Securing voting is the 3rd of 3 vital amendments for America in preparation for Article V, to make the nation constitutional enough to properly amend. In some ways making voting security 2nd is logical it is so important. You are on the right track, but not working for solution.

1)Ending the abridgment of free speech.
2)Campaign finance reform
3)Secured voting and reformed elections


Can we stop doing all the things we are doing that we do not want to do while still doing what we need to do?

votes to be counted in Spain?

the Bilderbergers will elect our new president and VP[unfortunately 4 more years of comrade O-bomb-ya folks] at their annual meeting taking place at the Chantilly Virgina Marriott Hotel May 31 - June 2 2012[be there if you can,with Ron Paul sign in hand]..same place they met 4 years ago..Ron Paul has still won though..
by injecting truth about constitutional values,law,liberty,freedom, and sound money into millions & millions of brainwashed American Hitler youth wannabees brainwashed at our re-education camps[aka "schools"] and quite a few older folks as well..in a unrigged hand counted paper ballot election,
Ron Paul would be our next president..

randy n.