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Money Bomb Attacking Mitt Romney?!

I remember way back the campaign had a ticker about Romney care vs Freedom I think it was? WE need another money bomb attacking mitt romney and have clear goals of the ticker. Say, setting the ticker to 2.5 million, but for each $500,000 have it say for tv ads, mailers, or whatever. Clear objectives and goals to reach, i think that's what has been our problem lately there is no goal. And that also want to attack mitt romney then why dont we the grassroots set-up a money bomb and promote it everywhere!? WE NEED ALL HANDS ON DECK, Attacking Mitt Romney, we must get him under the required delegates for a brokered convention. So i say we plan a money bomb now.. For the month of may? Who's with me?


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Good Idea

Yeah i agree our next money bomb should specify that the goal is to become the republican nominee and i feel this is the perfect time to stress the word REPUBLICAN. It is no longer a "Real Conservative" label that Ron Paul has..It should be the Only Republican. I've been watching these well put together videos of showing Romney's FLIP FLOPS that it really shows that this guy is not a Republican whatsoever Nevermind a Conservative... He just agrees with public opinion to attain power, not because he believes in the cause.

Next money bomb should highlight that Romney is not even a Republican!!!!

Calling Mitt a Moderate is being so generous.