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Politico Article: Ron Paul Power In New England

Paraphrasing a key point...Ron Paul is perceived as a "national" candidate ...
...can you say "ELECTABLE"?


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I Still Think He Won Maine

and some others as well, but overall it's a good article.


Just as the case with Iowa

Just as the case with Iowa and Minnesota...I think the Maine delegation will be another W for President Paul!

Great Comments also

"Probably a number of factors, beginning with the fact that Paul isn't perceived as a Southern candidate but rather a national one. The numerous universities and small liberal arts colleges that dot the landscape probably help his cause, given his appeal to the youth vote. So does the fact that New England isn't as hawkish as other parts of the country. Then there is small town and rural New England — ancestrally Republican, with distinct libertarian coloring and vestiges of skin-flint fiscal conservatism."


and more truth, comments are spot on

LOve the R3volution