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We need to make it Abundantly Clear in these last 14 primaries that Ron Paul is in fact still running.

There is no way around it. We already know that the MSM is writing Ron Paul off. They along with phone calls from Romney supporters are lying about Romney being the nominee already, and that nobody else is left. It's Romney vs. Obama already.

Well, if this is the case, we need to consider this for now. Gingrich of course is currently in North Carolina on an ego trip with his taxpayer paid Secret Service. He is no doubt now going to be endorsing Romney, and "Campaigning" for Romney in NC until next Tuesday.

Absentee ballots were a major factor in the Apr. 24th primaries as we could see with still a lot of votes for Santorum & Gingrich. More people at least know now that they are done.
However, the next primaries are May 8th. People could be still sending in their absentee ballots today from Indiana, North Carolina, & West Virginia.

We need to push on Facebook, and everywhere we can HARD, to let as many people in these states know that Ron Paul is in fact still running, and that he is our only hope against Obama's twin, Romney.

Even if Ron Paul can't campaign with nearly as much money as Romney, we really should start pushing as hard as we can to get people to still vote for Ron Paul. NOBODY ELSE IS GOING TO HELP US, EXCEPT WE THE PEOPLE.

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I agree.

I talked to atleast 5 people who saw me in my Ron Paul gear and said, "I thought he is not running anymore." It is a perfect opportunity to show how biased the media is and talk to them about voting if they are registered (In Indiana had to be registered a month ago). The people here really like Ron Paul but just do not hear about him anymore from any tv source. I,too, once thought that these people were not worth it. But honestly many of them are curious and it is our duty to feed the curiosity. I simply give them a brochure and some websites and tell them that it will be the most important thing they ever look into. I got multiple honks for my bumper stickers today. This is not over... people just need to know that. I wish the campaign would have run some sort of ad here showing that he is still in the race and that we have somewhat of an "open primary" as long as one is registered to vote. I can at least say there will be 20 votes for Dr. Paul from people I have talked to and will drive to go vote if I must. Period. Fight until the end. (P.S. I have to spread the message during finals week which is the week before elections...talk about stress.) :)

Just another person trying to change the world... :)

In my Opinion ,

If there are people out there who are voting and don't know who is running , then I would suggest they just stay home .