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Understanding the Logic in the lefts Reasoning for Mandating Churches to Pay for Birth Control

First off, ALL mandates are bad mandates.

However, I feel that it is understood by the big government types that once they can get their claws into a private sector, it is theirs for the steering. Here is my point, if they give Federal Monies to a college, then they feel that said college (or recipient) should abide by the Fed's wants. Much like a politician getting money from a lobbyist, and then that lobbyist expecting that politician to vote the way they are told....and if they don't there will be a campaign blitz against them come election time.

Well, just now there was a George Town priest named Father Reiss on CNN who was bashing spending cuts in the area of student loans / social welfare. Why? Well, his employer (George Town) gets a hefty amount of money from the Federal government, and they don't want it to end. The Father used Jesus’ words of "Feed thy poor, house thy homeless ect ect," but doesn't mention that regular people should do this, not a rogue govt.

In that regard, I understand the lefts logic in crying about the churches making a big deal about being forced to give free (nothing is free) birth control.

If the church was serious about not being mandated by the Federal government, they would disband ALL TIES once and for all. But then again, they seem as big of hypocrites as most Republicans. It truly is a one party system with different rhetoric. Gotta get that money mang!

Perhaps the church forgot about Antidisestablishmentarianism.

CNN just reported that a Catholic church fired a teacher for going through IFV (invetro.) IMO it is their right to fire those who do not abide by their religion, but for crying out loud, if they want to get the government off their backs, STOP TAKING THEIR MONEY!

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