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DP input needed! "Obama Clarifies His Stance on Medical Marijuana" - Politico

Obama "clarifies" his position on medical marijuana - which turns out to
be about as weaselly and hypocritical as you probably expected.

Basically, saying he has to enforce marijuana laws until Congress makes
it legal, which he neither expects or supports anyway. Actually, all he would
have to do is remove it from the list of controlled substances. Which, IIRC some
court ordered the executive branch to do twenty years ago and to president
has ever done.

*Anyway* there are a bunch of comments calling out Obama for callousness,
hypocrisy and general sliminess... but not one mention of Dr. Paul!

Opportunity knocks, people - go let'em know a path has been prepared if they but get
get off their butts and get tuned into the message of Liberty!!


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I Don't Facebook

This is what I wanted to say:

Why can't he ask them to ignore the law? There's no authority for the federal government to tell people what they can or can't consume. The "law" is null and void if it violates the Constitution, so it isn't really law, is it?

For a so-called constitutional scholar, Obama doesn't appear to understand his role or his oath of office very well. Ron Paul is right: it's none of the federal government's business to tell us what to put into our own bodies.

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