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anyone else heard about a CIA plane crash with 4 tons of coke onboard?

read an article about it, google it, lets find out if its real, then spread it far and wide if true....
we have such a corrupt government, need absolute change NOW with a Paul presidency!


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Were they making a delivery?


fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

Yeah. Lots of them.

They were landing at Mena Airport in Arkansas during the Bill Clinton Arkansas Governor years all the time.

hi, bigT....

i knew a guy from arkansas that told me bill clinton got his start into politics from selling pot.... supposedly thats how he bankrolled his new career.....

what a world we live in.


ron in 12!

google Eugene Hasenfus


Free includes debt-free!

thank you!

im gonna do it now....


ron in 12!