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Video Update: Ron Paul Interview w/Neil Cavuto - Fox Business Thursday, April 26, 2012

Video Update: YouTube thanks to DeejayG


Presidential candidate Ron Paul will be on Cavuto Thursday, April 26, 2012 to talk about jobs on Fox Business, 6pm eastern time.

Live streaming here: http://tvpc.com/Channel.p...

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Many of you complaining here do not understand

Liberty. Ron Paul wants US(do not mean USA in this context) to be free. He is a messenger not a liberator. What is the point if he gets elected for 1 term the establishment puts obstacles in his path and set him up to fail(atleast portray it that way) and the message of liberty is lost forever. He is doing the right thing, spread the message of liberty and when enough people are aware of it, they will collectively stand up to the establishment and throw them out.

Become RON PAUL!!!!

I believe in Paul

This brilliant man knows EXACTLY what he's doing....even if you do not.

You may call him mad....but do you really understand his method?

All this back and forth on Ron's humility vs his "being weak" ..

and if this is all PSYOPS or if he's just not playing his cards right etc... you know what? It doesn't matter. Ron is a good man. Scratch that: a great man. And I'm going to back his play no matter what. I hope we win this thing in the end but either way: I'm your wingman Dr. Paul (one of many). And I'll see you in Tampa!!


wounded animal

Cavuto: "You're about 800 delegates behind Mitt Romney..."
Paul: "... That is true, that is true."

It's not true, and RP knows it. As long as Paul continues to feign weakness, he stays under the radar, and continues to steamroll the delegacy, without a peep.

"So neglect becomes our ally."

Ron did great.

Nice interview.

Excellent interview! Brilliant, as always!

And Neil did an awesome job interviewing Ron Paul. As always, Ron Paul was brilliant in his answers:
* He had perfect opportunity to blackmail Paul Ryan on his budget proposal - he did not.
* He clarified that it is the Church's responsibility to care for the poor - not government.
* He finished the interview brilliantly!! Biggest truth! (time 5:30-5:51)

After this interview, I expect churches up in arms supporting Ron Paul!! Churches are being robbed of their responsibilities.


I don't understand your problem. Ron Paul admitted that "sure looks like Mitt is well ahead, but I'd like to see the votes counted" (4:24 time stamp). What truth did Paul not say to make you so mad in your criticism?

What is it that Ron Paul should have said? Perhaps this... "Oh we have all this info from tweets, forum posts, rumors and other expressions of enthusiasm and based on these, we are 100% sure that we are going to win. So Romney supporters, we challenge you to show up and vote against my campaign"??? No! If you watch TV it sure looks like Romney has it all squared away. THIS IS THE TRUTH! Quit denying it because if you do, you are lying to yourself!

Do we have a chance of winning? -- Yes, we do.
Are we winning? -- Yes, we are.
Is Ron Paul a HERO? -- Yes, he is.

And if you have nothing constructive to say, why should your fears become my fears?! Why not keep them to yourself? This place should not be used as an outlet for lack of self control and reason!


it Neil, tell your handlers that we're in it to win it and we're not going away, with friends like you and Morning Cup Of Joe who needs enemies? RP2012 Fighting The Media That Upholds A Fraudulent System

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

It's time for the truth about the comments on this thread.


“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Let's not get too paranoid now

I posted a quite downtrodden comment as well because that's how I FELT after watching it. These comments aren't instructions telling people to quit or give up necessarily. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and to critique things if they choose. I think you are going a bit Jesse Ventura/Alex Jones conspiracy with this one. Just my opinion.

I was simply making a point that we all are doing something to help our country and this "revolution", including myself---talking with people, facebook, clothing, superbrochures, etc. My time and efforts go to the cause but by money goes to Ron Paul for the WIN. I am not donating to Ron Paul's campaign to spread a message. He can do that for free from his house with a webcam or his facebook page. I am donating for him to win the freaking election.

Before watching that video I had just received two emails inviting me to private fundraising dinners in LA and San Diego. When he goes on national tv and has interviews like that it does not invoke confidence or a desire to pour in more money. He seemed tired and resolved to failure.

Maybe it is an overreaction on my part and I've pretty much resigned myself to avoid any and all public interviews now. I already support Dr. Paul so the only thing the interview can do is piss me off. Again, I think it is a bit overboard to assume people venting their frustrations is akin to a coordinated infiltration by the enemy

I have read your post and I

I have read your post and I think that you are right, but I don't pay attention to those that tries to infiltrate DP because Dr. Paul's supporters, in my opinion, are immune to those attacks.

My opinion is in order to succeed then we must keep Dr. Paul in the race at all costs, the first I thought when I saw this interview was that the campaign needs more money to stay in the race.

Dr. Paul supporters used to be mostly young students but last I checked it's not the case any more, all different age groups are there which means that the campaign is doing very well, I take that as a good beginning, yes it's just began and it will not stop as long as Dr. Paul is in the race.

Thank you, Remy.

Dr. Paul will stay in the race as long as we stay with him. You're right about the campaign doing well. The different age groups have been there since before 2008. A lot of young people came on board more recently, after Dr. Paul began the Campaign For Liberty. We still have a lot of work to do but, the good new is we are winning! Just keep focused and dont let the b@st@*ds wear us down. Not here at DP and not anywhere else.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Lessons in playing possum

CM Punk takes a field sobriety test: Raw, April 23, 2012

a re run of last Mondays WWE RAW

C.M. Punk has been getting dissed beyond all endurance
if it were not set up it would have been stopped

he is ONE of the clean fighters who dont try dirty tricks

YESSS its all planned and staged to promote various "characters"

there is a dirty fighter who does get some audience approval but I personally dont like his face and eyes

he has insulted PUNKS father, sister, mother and even poured whisky all over PUNK when he was down trying to get the clean living PUNK to get drunk

calling him a hereditary alcoholic

I wondered how far this theater piece could go
its been weeks in the build up

SO! Chris Jericho who drools to grab the title from PUNK sends PUNK a liquor basket
A stooge goes to tell Jericho that PUNK has FINALLY BROKEN DOWN and is drinking whisky in his dressing room

Jericho goes to spye and sees PUNK 'drinking whisky"
he dashes off the the BOSS and reports that if PUNK gets in the ring after drinking he is automatically thrown out of WWE and his title is handed over to Jericho

sooo, Jericho has set it up to STEAL the title he hasnt EARNED

He demands a sobriety test IN public
and the BOSS agrees so its set up and PUNK throws a mini tantrum as he shows how DENIGRATED he feels to have to undergo a sobriety test in the ring where millions of fans will see

Two cops are sent in and Jericho is there with the assistant WWE manager ( the "boss" is too afraid of the audience to show up LOL)

PUNK cant recite the alphabet backwards so we KNOW its all FAKE
he cant walk a straight red line, symbol there

stumbles about and his TITLE BELT are taken amidst much audience booing as he is well liked and they dont like the Jericho abuse on the mans FAMILY

just as PUNK is being forced from the ring

made to give up

told he is a LOSER

he beggs for one more chance

Of course he gets it

and LO!

he walks that line with precision while reciting the alphabet backwards

He is handed back his TITLE BELT among great audience cheering and Jericho leaves in SHAME

here again is a person PLAYING POSSUM and at the last inst. grabbing the gold ring or his TITLE BELT back from false accusations

NOW I enjoy these shows and I see hidden messages in much of what people put in the public eye as we cant say or present what it TRUTH while the enemy controls all media

MANY have long claimed that Wrestling sends out messages
of r e v o l u t i o n against the great liars

I am not saying that here...

I AM saying here is a theater piece that shows how PUNK
pretended for weeks to lay low and then got a humungous revenge that Jericho wont recover from for many years

and another legend has been created !

PUNK keeps his title and Jericho and the "boss" are SHAMED as they had planned to do to PUNK

is there a message here?

was it meant to be?

many think so

even if it wasnt meant to be so,

it does show how playing woundedmama quail can take the bobcat away from her nestlings until she is far away enough to FLY UP AND OFF and leave the bobcat hungry and disappointed.

and her family safe and chirriping for her.


Monday Night RAW is rerun every Sat Night
have a view there. It was a good show.

( whenever Alberto del Rrrrrrrio runs like a wet hen I enjoy the show ! )

I would not play poker

I would not play poker against Dr. Paul. He is a cool customer. The deck is obviously stacked against us. He is not going to play the MSM's game. He will not show all his cards. He knows what is important, delegates, delegates, delegates. We have a limited budget. We cannot attack Romney. How can we do it effectively with ads? We do not have the money. If he attacks him in one interview then the MSM will make a mockery of it with 20 pundits and / or Romney will blast him with 3 million ads. Remember what he did to all his other competitors. We and Ron Paul need to play it cool and fly under the Radar. We have done that and it is effective. We are winning states with our Grass Roots ground game. This is something Money CANNOT BUY. But, if the Paul campaign uses money effectively it can coordinate this game. Keep it up troops, it is far from over and Dr. Paul is playing it cool. He knows who has his back, not the MSM or Cavuto but you and I. Keep playing it cool.

You are exactly right! I'm am

You are exactly right! I'm am sick of hearing people say that the campaign isn't doing enough. I too believe it is about stradegy...like a game of chess. Keep it cool freedom fighters and keep your eye on the treasure.



From what I have gathered thus far...it cost 300 million to administer the program alone.


reading the comments below it

reading the comments below it is clear that some do not understand what is going on. Ron Paul is a genius.


He is not going to rile up the Romney supporters to go caucus and become delegates. He is hoping his own supporters understand. No he is not giving up, and he is not just running to change the platform. Ron Paul is in it to win it. Its phsycological warfare. If Romneys people think they have it wrapped up they won't show up in Texas and California.

clear that some do not understand

Thanks much for that link
signed on. :)


Doesn't matter...

...if they show up or not.

Your post shows a fundamental misunderstanding. THEY MAKE THE VOTE WHAT THEY WANT, and thus far, we've done no exit polling to expose that.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

really... the "vote" doen not

really... the "vote" doen not elect delegates. The beauty contests don't elect delegates.

Romney ain't got no 844 delegates

and they know it.why can't somebody tell the truth? why can't the campaign do something about getting an accurate count?You know and i know he's winning delegates all over the place.

Some see things as they are and say why,but i dream things that never were and say why not. Robert F. Kennedy

The Delegate Count At The Convention In Tampa is What Counts

All the talk about delegates on TV and radio is just pure entertainment and of course, it can affect the outcome of the process by making up the number of delegates for establishment candidates like "Mittens". Although it may hurt candidates like Romney, Santorum and Gingrich because their supporters may give up, stay home and not participate in the process, thinking they have the election in the bag.

Notice how Kneel Cavuto

Notice how Kneel Cavuto always cuts him off when he talks about the states he has won?

Dr. Paul should be far less generous to the media about his prospects of winning. He should be saying we have a decent chance.


He should have called Cavuto and all the rest of them liers.

Some see things as they are and say why,but i dream things that never were and say why not. Robert F. Kennedy

@ 5 min - immagine Iowa - Winning back in January

It is the ongoing corrupt system that is disheartening.
It is NOT the Good Doctor. I admire his stamina.
I guess he can't just come right out and attack his own party.
But when I read> http://www.dailypaul.com//228937/romney-and-rnc-break-gop-ru...
and watch the blatant arrogance of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus on On the Record http://youtu.be/XDamvX5WlhA , I have to wonder, when do we get a response from the Paul Campaign?
Did anyone here even watch that.
Reince Priebus said that he has been in communication with the Paul Campaign but stopped short saying that he would not answer for Congressman Paul.I am surprised that the Greta / Reince Priebus event is not posted here on the site.
Look closely at Greta's face when she asks, "What about Congressman Ron Paul?" (She hit him with a hard question, and he stumbled.)You will see that she knows it is WRONG and warns of Paul Supporter backlash.
edit: thank you for the negative thumbs down
okay, nuff said, we do not address foul play and corruption.

I agree that now should be

I agree that now should be the time to start going after Romney and getting some media attention for it. We'll see if the campaign has anything prepared for this soon enough. When Cavuto brought up the delegates, Dr. Paul does not have to refute every new made up number that the media throws at him, he tries to deliver his message instead.

He was a bit soft on his answer about his chances in the GOP race, but he knows that his supporters are not going anywhere no matter the outcome of the GOP race. He is counting on us to continue our support all the way to November and beyond, even with a write-in if necessary. We have to keep this going because too much is on the line and there simply is no other alternative.

A rock and a hard place

The PARTY is against Paul.
The PARTY is calling for rally around their PRESUMPTIVE winner who has NOT yet won the 1144 required.
What happens if Paul attacks their chosen one?
The PARTY has unlawfully declared the primary over with.
While cheating the remaining states and AMERICAN VOTERS of their RIGHT to a Fair Election Process (called Democracy)
And they get away with it UNOPPOSED & UNCHALLENGED.
They are essentially saying DO NOT GO AGAINST THE PARTY.

And WE should just sit down and shut up?

OOPs, can't talk about the dirty pool.
1776 won a Democracy - 2012 may lose it.
Then that leaves us with _____________.

We should flood the rnc with

We should flood the rnc with emails and phone calls. I emailed them yesterday.

The only choice is third

The only choice is third party.....but is a choice that Ron seems unwilling to make. We're stuck.

'We're stuck' alright!

Paul is unwilling to even go there. Any wins that occur would just remain in the ideological while the real win would come later when it won't matter, when paul supporters can say 'i told you so' and you can't tell democrats much bec they were really educated on the fed and other things as paul is only well within gop.