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Video Update: Ron Paul Interview w/Neil Cavuto - Fox Business Thursday, April 26, 2012

Video Update: YouTube thanks to DeejayG


Presidential candidate Ron Paul will be on Cavuto Thursday, April 26, 2012 to talk about jobs on Fox Business, 6pm eastern time.

Live streaming here: http://tvpc.com/Channel.p...

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I Thought The Point He About Jesus Was An Excellent One...

Jesus didn't go to the Roman government to make changes, he went to the people, or the grassroots. For it is in the hearts and minds of the common people where you can make inroads and there will you have an opportunity to make changes to the hearts and minds..

We are winning the hearts and minds of the american people. This is how you change bad government into good government..

Yeah - Paul Ryan can SHOVE IT.

He's quick to cut our "entitlements" which we've been FORCED TO PAY into all our lives...

...while Ryan doesn't cut a penny of foreign aid or war spending, or military occupations.

This is why Ron Paul is so correct. CUT THE FOREIGN CRAP FIRST (wars, foreign aid, military bases etc). You DON'T start here at home.

I'll be damned if after being sucked dry by the government for Sodial Security, Medicare and Medicaid taxes for 40 years, I'm going to agree to Paul Ryan's ideas like raising the age of elegibility, raising the payroll taxes and means-testing.

Believe me - I hate Socialist Security more than anyone and I even tried to opt out (providing the governmnet paid me back every penny I've paid in).

But they said I wasn't allowed to do that, so I say again - Paul Ryan can SHOVE IT.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Hear! Hear!

I agree totally!

Foreign adventurism is the 30-ton elephant in the room, and the RINOs are going to get SQUISHED by it.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

OK, seriously?

Anyone who is familiar with perfect strategy is that it includes not telling your competition much about your plans, and letting them glee in the spotlight with the belief that they've won.

You all need to choke yourself if you are doubting the strategy behind this campaign, you are letting the media delegate count fool you. Have you not witnessed the turn outs at the TX speeches or stealth hijacking of the caucuses by Paul supporters? These are happening for a reason, and the GOP doesn't like it -- because it's working.


Ron Paul said we need to count the votes

August is a ways off, what happens if, at the convention, the realization hits the delegates that Romney can't win? Just saying.

Your argument doesn't apply.

Your argument doesn't apply. The delegates would rather nominate a warmonger than a pro-peace candidate who can win.


Paul Campaign has a plan and it's working the time will come when we can say whatever we want in interviews but first we must secure 5 states. If we claim we have them before we do then Sauron's eye will fixate on those locations and make damn sure the ignorant sheeple stop the Paul delegates at the state convention. Let the zombies sleep a little while longer our moment is fast approaching.



parallel with the 1850's

Dr. Paul's message transcends this US election. it does not matter if Dr. Paul isn't the nominee - what matters is that he continue to galvanize the American people with his speeches on very important issues everybody else is ignoring.

I'm reading a book about Lincoln on the period prior to his election as Republican President and there seems to be parallels between the political situation then and now. then you had the Democrats, the Whig party and another called the Know Nothings. The Dems lost and the Whigs disappeared because they ignored or were on the wrong side of the issue of the day, the elephant in the room, slavery.

If Romney ends up losing big, could this spell the end of the Republican party and could a new party emerge headed by Dr. Paul? Just a thought.

For Liberty!

I just want to say that I love you guys! If this were the late 1700's we would be meeting up in taverns with the likes of Samuel Adams and the rest of the "radicals" trying to figure out a way to keep our liberty.

This has been quite the roller coaster ride. But looking back a few years ago, I would have never imagined that the freedom movement behind Dr. Paul would have ever grown this much. Sometimes it's easy to forget that. What most of us have learned is that the establishment is not going to lay down and allow the citizenry to take their government back.

Is there rampant election fraud going on? Yes. Is the media conspiring to marginalize Dr. Paul? Yes. But deep down most of us have known that this has been going on for quite some time. The only difference now is that for the first time we have a candidate that we believed could actually win. Who knows what the establishment will try to do next to prevent Dr. Paul from winning. My guess is that they will do just about anything.

Regardless, I commend Dr. Paul for dedicating most of his life towards the freedom movement. He's already done his part and then some. It is up to us, and I, for one, will keep fighting for our liberty until my very last breath.

amen brother

amen brother

We have a real genius for a candidate

This whole delegate work is a sneak attack and needs a little bit of stealth. Romney supporters need to keep believing he is the “chosen one” and not bother to learn what the delegate process is all about. So Ron Paul is doing all he can to help all those who have worked hard to learn what the rules are and how the system works in their state. When he says Romney will probability be the nominee he is speaking to the Romney supporters. He knows that we know what the real story is and what we need to do. So don't be down about Dr. Paul's “sleeping dog” act.

I see no evidence that we

I see no evidence that we have a majority more than five states with warmongers in control of the rest. If you have information to the contrary, please share it....because I could use some good news.

Sleeping Dog Act !

I had a german sheppard who loved to chase squirrels . When I would go to work I would put her on her chain on the dog house. She was a fence jumper if I was not home. You could tell by looking at the ground how far her chain would reach. There was a squirrel and it would come down out of the old oak tree and stay just out of reach of my dog. Every day the dog would run at the squirrel and the squirrel would blow it off knowing the dog could not reach it.
One day I was in and out of the house and the dog was loose in the fenced back yard. She went out and laid down by her dog house .
Down the tree came the squirrel. It was ugly for the squirrel.

May it rest in pieces!

Tin Pan

I love this story!!!

Thanks for sharing it.

Wasn't there a story about a Rooster that screwed everything it could, and one day the farmer saw the rooster lying dead somewhere? When he approached the rooster, the rooster pointed up to the sky where a couple of buzzards were circling around, and he said "Shhhh. I'm waiting to nail those female buzzards."

I'm sorry I haven't told it quite right, but you get the gist.

Minnesota Mary

She went out and laid down by her dog house

GREAT comparison!

shared my life with a German Shepherd for six years
He taught me so very much about NATURAL life.

lol.. I don't know what iot

lol.. I don't know what iot is about german sheppards, I have had 2 and that is exactly what they have done. they love chasing squirrels.
Your post is exactly right..

Did I just hear this exchange @ 5:17?

Cavuto: "So is it (the nomination) pretty much his (Romney's)?

Ron Paul: "I think pretty much so."

Ok, great then. It's been real. I hear Ecuador is delightful this time of year.

everybody here acts like

everybody here acts like theyre so smart but they have trouble accepting the truth that ron paul really doesnt have a shot anymore, ron knows it hes been saying it for months, a lot of people here cant accept facts. He ONLY HAS A SHOT if he wins remaining states, thats why he says its "very unlikely" unless he wins some states!

Ron Paul has said "I think

Ron Paul has said "I think it's not very likely", he has since March/February. He's always said "We have a chance". He's not an absolutist in regards to more temporal things(most people should know this by now). He simply is saying it's an 'uphill battle' not an unwinnable one.

Why not say

Why doesn't he just say: Yes we have a chance to win, there are still delegates to be counted. The media does enough calculating and commenting on my odds of winning, I'll leave that to them.

Or how about if Dr. Paul says...

"There's many a slip twixt the cup and the lip."

Minnesota Mary

Does it seem to you

that the good Dr. is a "Rope a Dope in"? He's won some states last weekend and yet he seems to be very down.
The Dr. is sending signals to the "Remnant"
I have a very bad feeling that something big and bad is about to happen, and he knows it.

He seemed more lively than

He seemed more lively than ever just the other day on CNBC(the 40 minutes+ thing he was on).

Dr Paul was

more lively on CNBC but from what I understand he could have said a little to much on the show and got his hand slapped by the campaign. For any one who watched the CNBC with Dr. Paul you know he is not giving up. For you that haven't you can watch right now. http://ronpaulflix.com/2012/04/ron-paul-as-guest-host-on-cnb... Enjoy! I did.

Joined the Liberty Movement in Anchorage, Alaska, 1977. Ron Paul supporter since 1983.
In Liberty from the Pacific Northwest.

Understand that Dr. Paul

Understand that Dr. Paul doesn't want to draw attention to the campaign strategy. (think about what we don't know as well) What we are doing is working, and we're winning the hearts and minds of America... one by one.

This campaign is educational, and we shouldn't be 'telling people' to vote for Dr. Paul, we should be connecting with each individual to help them understand how broken the system is. Every person must be woken up. It's hard work, duh... it's politics.

It is frustrating, but when we work to support Dr. Paul, what we're doing means much more then this election.. this is a political movement, a rebirth of an idea that has been stomped on for over 100 years.

That should be your motivation.


posted on top

Like ive been saying unless

Like ive been saying unless he starts winning primaries we dont have much of a shot, he knows it too obviously.

nobody watches fox business anyway

why are people QQing about some 1, 200k people that probably saw this live and was going to vote for paul anyway, since fox business is more libertarian than fox

the movement continues