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Liar Liar Priebus to Newsmax: Conservatives Coming Around to Romney

Other highlights from Newsmax’s interview with Priebus:
On Ron Paul’s continuing candidacy for the GOP nomination, Priebus says: “Certainly many of the things that Congressman Paul has been espousing we’ve sort of adopted within our party. I think that’s made Congressman Paul pretty pleased over the years. So I don’t look at it as an adversarial relationship.”


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"So I don’t look at it as an adversarial relationship.”

Say that after August in Tampa, if you're still around.

false hope for

false hope for themselves-keep dreaming GOP, but it won't do you one bit of good in the general election.


if the RNC has accomplished anything this year, its biggest accomplishment is publicly displaying that the RNC is at least just as heinous as the DNC has ever been. And perhaps even worse.

If any GOP member attempts to imply that the GOP is somehow "better" than the Dems, I'll laugh right in their faces.