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Wow... Just... Wow

Google images "Ron Paul Crowds"

I can't believe my eyes...

(edited because I forgot to point out I was on Google Images, as a commenter kindly pointed out)

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LOL. Google Romney crowds and they put in the Paul pics

When you click on pictures, they are all comparison pics. Hardly any pics of just Romney crowds

I got really good results.

I got really good results. Best I've ever seen. Google must be waking up to the revolution!

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name your photos

Naming your photos will help the search engines find them, same as using meta tags.


Try it on images.google.com. Try the same thing for "Mitt Romney Crowds"

Yes. Thanks!

I just updated the post to reflect that I wasn't searching the web, rather I was searching google images. Thanks!

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I counted about 75,000 to 80,000 this year alone.

If 1 in a hundred, who would have gone did go, that's 8,000,000. 8 million.

If 1 in a hundred, who could have voted, did vote...

Free includes debt-free!

bigger pics would be nice

what's with all the small pics? Does Google limit the size?

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