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Absentee and Early Voters: They are Stealing Your Votes

This doesn't make sense. Look at these anomalies in the absentee vote counts, starting with Rhode Island, as found on this site:
http://www.ri.gov/election/results/2012/presidential_prefere... (note: after getting there, make sure you click on the grey box)

Absentees (as percentage of the total vote):


Santorum: 11% of the vote
Roemer: 18% of the vote
Romney: 5% of the vote
Gingrich: 4% of the vote
Write-in: 2% of the vote
Paul: 1% of the vote------------that's ONE percent

Take the Democrats, as another trend of peoples' desire to cast their preference, again as percentage of votes as absentees:

Obama: 16% of the vote
Uncommitted: 24% of the vote
Write-in: 9% of the vote

Now, does that make sense to anybody, that Paul would have less of a percentage of absentees than write-ins or even Gingrich? No way.

In Delaware there is also an anomaly. Here, the total number of absentees for Mitt Romney are 544, while for Paul, 93, an 83% to 17% split. That doesn’t say much to a person who believes the stated percentages of a Paul fourth place. However, when this data is analyzed, there is evidence that absentee ballots from the larger precincts are stolen:

http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?369316-The-case-... (Go to page 47)

Now, here’s the big one. It’s in the Village of Greendale, Wisconsin. The numbers are unbelievable, measured as percentage of the total absentee ballots cast:

Village of Greendale, Wards 1-10
Romney: 71.5% (266 absentees)
Ron Paul: 1.6% (6 absentees)
Newt Gingrich: 4.8% (18 absentees)

Incredible: only 1.6% for Paul-6 votes only versus 266 for Romney? What about his universal support from the military and national guard? Yet, in one of these Ward groupings it was 133 Romney absentees to only 3 for Paul.

He would surely have at least near the amount of absentees as Romney if not more. Gingrich beats him 3-fold, while Huntsman nearly equaled him at 1.1%. Come on, somebody, give a rational reason regarding how this is possible, other than stealing. It’s just not possible. Even the walk-ins in Greendale Village show this, with Paul at over 4-times the absentees (an admitted 6.9%).
See the data chart, here:

Call to Action: all absentee voters, prove your votes at RonPaulVoteCount.org. Do it by recording the vote right away and then confirming by affidavit. When you do that affidavit, list that you voted via that method. And anyone who knows anyone in Greendale Village, contact them, and see if they voted for Dr. Paul, walk-in or by absentee. Make sure they go to the site and record their votes.
his chart below is a clear indication of vote alteration. The direct links, here:


There is statistically no way Dr. Paul could receive such a miniscule percentage of the absentee votes. Normally, he scores a minimum of 10% and up to 40% in absentee counts. A mere 1.6% is a sign of ballot alteration. In this count he is nearly as low as Huntsman, who had long ago exited the race. That is impossible. The only answer is vote tampering, a federal offense.

Here are some realistic absentee numbers, Romney versus Paul, from other states:

Virginia: “Romney also took the absentee ballot vote by eight votes, 20-12.”

Note: that’s a 62.5 to 37.5% split, which is way different that 1.6%. Source: http://www.shenvalleynow.com/index.p..._warren_county

Then, there’s this: The Stryker Precinct totaled 145 (52.34 percent) votes for Romney, and 132 (47.65 percent) for Ron Paul. A total of 64 absentee ballots were cast, 37 for Romney and 27 for Paul.

Note: that’s a 58.0 to 42.0% split, which is essentially the same as the final reported results for Virginia. Source: http://flathatnews.com/2012/03/06/vi...ult-live-blog/

Also, more data showing the degree of these anomalies is found here: http://www.earlyvoting.net/ Here, it is shown, statistically it is impossible for Paul to have received a mere one to six percent of the absentees in the various moderate- to large-sized wards in Wisconsin. Paul’s absentee percentages are below Romney’s in these other examples but not significantly. The splits are 30% to 20% and similarly, but NEVER as seen in Wisconsin.

Never 1.6%, no way. Anyone who voted absentee ANYWHERE IN THE COUNTRY must go to www.ronpaulvotecount.org and record your vote. When doing the affidavit, make sure you write in the fact that it is absentee.

Sources for data:

http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?369316-The-case-... (Note: Go to page 47; and earlier pages for Greendale Village)

* Get the voter rolls (these are public records and must be provided). I have been promised these rolls for absentee voters in RI, DE, and WI; awaiting them, now.
* Call all voters on these rolls. Are we really doing this poorly? Only six absentees in all of Greendale Village, while Romney gets 266?
* Find RP people who might know people in these areas and who can help confirm the vote.

Where did he get those 266? We need to know. Too, if we are doing this poorly against him, we need to know, right now, to correct it.

Or, is this election tampering? If nothing else, this will identify serious Paul supporters: we make good out of it either way!!

UPDATE: I've ordered the absentee ballot log from Greendale Village and should have it shortly. Any activists out there would like to help call the voters? PM me.

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Dr. K

you're the man! i love your hard work and dedication to the cause of liberty. it's awsome how you put out the time, effort, and other resources to further the cause. i sure hope that everyone that voted so far will take what amounts to very little time and effort to fill out the forms and make their votes count. also, thanks so much for the free brochures and bumper stickers you sent me, postage paid. i've given out all the brochures and almost all the bumper stickers. once again, you're the man!!!!!!!

Thanks, tons, lonmoore07, just desire so bad

that we win this, once and for all. We deserve it. God's behind us.

Sure hope the people at the campaign can help us with this. Or maybe a volunteer group. We have to call the absentee voters in these regions. I'm supposed to get their names and addresses this week.

The people at the campaign have access to all this. If they are unable to do this, then we have to. All those absentees from the military, for instance, they are not showing up in our favor.

Do you know anyone that could help call the voters and make sure their votes were counted?