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Candidates for House/Senate refuse to say how they would vote on key issues until after they’re elected

"Candidates for Senate and House seats are refusing to say how they would vote on key issues facing Congress, claiming they shouldn’t have to make up their minds until after they’re elected.

It’s a major leap of faith being requested of voters: Give me your vote and send me to Washington, but don’t expect answers about how I’ll vote once I get there.

Faced with specific questions about how they would vote on hot-button issues, most candidates dodge a direct answer, deploying rehearsed replies about how they’re still weighing the issue or how a piece of legislation has both pluses and minuses.

But a few more brazen candidates have offered blanket rebuttals, arguing they can’t be bothered to keep up with everything going on in Congress while they’re still campaigning in their districts"


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It would be premature for candidates to form opinions before

their accountants have totaled the campaign "contributions" from the lobbyists.