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Biden: Romney’s foreign policy is ‘totally out of touch’

Today on the yahoo news site, Biden blasts the Romney on his foreign policy.

"Vice President Joe Biden says Mitt Romney's foreign policy views are dangerous and "totally out of touch" with the American people and could potentially lead a war-weary nation back "to the past we have worked so hard to move beyond."

"He accused Romney of having a "profound misunderstanding" of how American foreign policy works and said he's embraced "dangerous and discredited policies" that could put the country in "danger."

Read the rest here:

Biden: Romney’s foreign policy is ‘totally out of touch’:



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Romney foreign policy = Obama foreign policy = Bush FP

Biden should be an expert on profound misunderstandings.

I don't think Biden has much

I don't think Biden has much room to talk. This war-weary nation is still war-weary Joe. Yeah Obombya-bots will eat this up even though Obama has been pretty bad on foreign policy himself.

And this

my friends is why President Obama will beat Mittens if he is nominated. RP is the only Republican who can beat Obama.

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Why won't...

...the people get that?

The real challenge is to prevent the banksters establishment from cheating Ron Paul out of the nomination, which they are planning on doing. We have these few months left to change history, or become victims of it.

It boggles the mind when we see that there is only one hope to stave off this coming tyranny and dictatorship and yet, the people still follow these corrupted criminals.

Why can't the people see the fall guy romney as the kerry he is? Why can't we learn from history? The romney is ONLY being set up to be the fighter to take the dive during the election. If we fail to get Ron Paul nominated as the only one who can defeat the obama in a fair election, America is toast. Everyone knows that romney can NOT WIN against the soeterobama so why bother supporting him when in actuality, they are supporting the soeterobama?

Insanity is the refusal to comprehend the rational.

How long can it go on?