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CRITICAL ! Texas NEEDS 20% of The Vote For Ron Paul In Order To Send Delegates To Tampa

CRITICAL ! Texas NEEDS 20% of The Vote For Ron Paul In Order To Send Delegates To Tampa

(Article Ron Paul Forums)

Unless the rules suddenly changed. Most that I had talked to said that yes, despite our postponed primary, we're still doing 2nd place candidates.



That means we must convince the Anti-Romney crowd not to give a "protest vote" to Gingrich or Santorum and not to vote for Romney "just because he'll win anyways".

My suggestion, is if you meet someone anti-Romney convince them to vote RP, at the very least to send conservative delegates to Tampa to protect the platform.

Also, get your independent friends to vote. Texas is an open primary state , and unless you were a delegate for the Democrats or you signed a petition for a minor party presidential candidate, you can vote in the Republican primaries.

The key is TURNOUT. May 29th is an odd day to hold elections. We get voters to the polls, we win. On days like this, we could get voter turnout to be as low as local elections--about 15% versus the usual 45%.

My question is--are delegates determined by popular vote or by a republican method of precincts/counties won? Does anyone know?

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As of now, Texas is a proportional primary...


108 delegates are given proportionally in each CD. The other 44 at-large delegates are given proportionally based on state-wide results. And then there are 3 party hacks.

...I suppose the delegates are selected by caucus, but they are bound by the primary results.

EDIT: emalvini, where do you get the 20% figure? Is that the minimum to be eligible to get a proportion of the delegates? (link to the article doesn't work)

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the very link

you posted (greenpapers) mentions the 20% threshold

But I have seen other claims

But I have seen other claims of basically 0.1%...is the 20% maybe for the At Large and the CD delegates is truly completely proportional?

It seems unlikely that anyone in a two man race would be kept under 20%, so it is a moot point really. Maybe in some districts it could be, but overall, it is unlikely that Ron Paul will be under 20%, unless there are a LOT of people that still vote for Santorum and Gingrich, which is very unlikely a month from now.

But then there is the question...if Rommney wins a district 82%-18% does he get all 3 district delegates? I assume it is 2 for the winner and 1 for the runner up, but does the threshold come into play in the districts as well?

the winner of the CD gets its

the winner of the CD gets its 3 delegates unless:

1 - his delegate allotment is complete (he has reached the number of delegates determined by the results of the primary)
2 - he won the CD with less than 20% of the vote (not going to happen)

so, to answer your question, mitt would get all 3 delegates in that hypothetical district.