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4.21.12 Major Christopher Miller - A Tribute And Salute



A tribute and salute to my fellow American U.S. Marines Major Christopher Miller. Includes entire epic speech, both simultaneous camera views, epic background music, and awesome subtitles for the hearing impaired, all taken place at the Missouri GOP Congressional District 3 convention. I encourage all who watch this to spread this awesome message. Enjoy! RON PAUL 2012!

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Really nicely put together around Major Christopher M's

speech. Thank you! I will send all those who question Ron Paul's foreign policy to this vide, ForLibertyNow.

The Ones that Don't Stand Up and Applauding

The ones that are still sitting in their seats, who do not stand up and applaud this former Marine, seem to want "more of the same." There is work to do of getting the Message of Liberty out there.

Thank You for bumping this!

I just posted the video and did not see that someone already posted this.Thank You!We have 3 marines serving right now!The American people have to wake up!I can not believe this thread only has 21+.

Thank You Major Christopher Miller!God Bless You!!!!
Thank You for your service!


I will 2nd that OORAAH bump

You Rock Brother

Maybe a Sister. Nice job :).

Thank you for the post..

Great Minds Think Alike :-)

New Ron Paul Ad


De criminalize Liberty!


We all need to do more stuff like this. I'll add you as a contact on YouTube.


That is the best I have seen yet! That needs to be a campaign ad. And here is why:
It is the voices of men such as Major Miller that deserve to be heard the most. They have sacrificed more than any of us. They have seen and known the results of these illegal wars more than any of us. They are suffering abroad and here at home more than anyone else. We must end these illegal wars.

It is an honor to have Major Miller and others of his caliber in the ranks of the cause of liberty.

Excellent video. I get chills every time I see this. Every time.

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin

I agree, this would really stand out

More than any professional ad ever could.

The far lessor video edit of this got the front page

That's a shame, but it's probably because they shamelessly bumped and vote promoted theirs.


I don't care though. As I release more videos people will realize who the real deal is.