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what is a Delegation Chair? Is this an important position?

I am from a primary state. We are sending a bunch of Romney delegates and a few Ron Paul delegates. We are going to be meeting to discuss us all going to the RNC. I guess we will elect - I think its called - a delegation chair. Is this an important position? what does this person do?

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The delegation chair is the

The delegation chair is the person that is in charge of a delegate convention or meeting.

They are basically the head honcho at the convention, their main job is to keep order and their second job is to protect the minority and make sure the rules are followed.

They are exactly like the chair person at any other convention or meeting.

The reason I'm asking is that the State GOP Chair has told me

The reason I'm asking is that the State GOP Chair has told me he will be the Delegation Chair and if someone wants to arm wrestle him for the position, he'll do it - but he will win anyway. (jokingly of course - but I think he was laying down the law with me in a polite way - we are pretty friendly but he has political aspirations BIG TIME)

He also said that he gets sent everything anyway as the state's GOP Chair and he might as well do it. When I asked what they actually do he told me make travel arrangements and book hotel rooms and fundraising to get everyone there. And they talk to / handle the local press that will be accompanying us to the convention. He suggested that I work the floor and talk to International reporters who will be on the floor.

I said it sounds like a lot of work - all the travel arrangements, why would anyone want this position? He said it will allow him to work with some of his contacts within the GOP and basically network.

This explanation made me think there was more to this and perhaps I should nominate myself - or have one of the RP people nominate me. Of course I'll lose and I'm not sure that it would be worth it to piss off the entire delegation before we even get there.



I'd like to know.

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ditto here.

I would also like to know how important it is to stay in the SAME hotel, blocked together with Romney supporters from our state, in Tampa. Is it really necessary to pay for and stay at the officially designated hotel ($300/night) for all five days???

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I'll send this inquiry to RP2012 campaign web site.

Let's see what we hear from them :-)

thanks. please post what you get here on this thread

so that I don't miss it.