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Marco Rubio's Dangerous Foreign Policy Exposed (Mitt's bff)

If Florida had any sense we would have Senator Snitker in office right now!


The bottom line is we can't afford Rubio's ideal foreign policy. Unfortunately him and his ilk won't even realize that when we our dollar is worth toilet paper and we default - they'll just blame democrats and domestic spending.

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Rubio sang the siren song to the makers of things that go BOOM

Yesterday's speech by Senator Marco Rubio to the Brookings Institution can be characterized as nothing less than a requiem for any hope of civilisation or liberty in this century.

In his prepared remarks, clearly designed to position him as a candidate for Vice President, Rubio denounces the alliance of non-interventionists from the left and the right while demarcating enemies and targets for the present and future.

Having Rubio in a position of ANY executive authority clearly means we stay the course of perpetual global war, aggressive intervention and destabilisation, and reinstatement of emnities with Russia and China.

Rubio denounces Putin as weak, effectivelyt labeling him a dictator in the image of Stalin. And what might the President of the Russian Federation say about the Cuban-American senator from Florida? "You wage a pitiless trade war against Cuba, bringing death and despair to your own people, and you have the temerity to speak of Stalin?"

He speaks of the conditions by which “the American century” wrought democracy and prosperity for a large portion of the world that might otherwise have failed to achieve these things. He insists that, by staying the course of the last twenty years, we can achieve much more.

But he, like so many other imperialist interventions of his kind, neo-cons and neo-liberals alike, fail to acknowledge changes that have crumbled this failed worldview to its foundations.

But he was attended to by elderly profit-seekers in moldy, decaying subsections of the pentagon as well as in the boardrooms of the nation's most powerful weapons industries.

Yesterday, he sang the siren's song of perpetual global war. Today, Drudge reports campaign money's pouring into Romney's coffers. Coincidence? No. Business is booming in things that go boom. An Rubio has every intention of keeping it that way!

TO any and all doubters, read Rubio’s most telling statement:

“I always start by reminding people that what happens all over the world is our business.”

Truly, the motto of the modern imperialist!

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Why is the GOP only fielding candidates born under

questionable citizenship? I mean all ya hear about is Rubio and Jindal, both who didn't receive citizenship until 4 years old. It seems they are also using too young, inexperienced, and VERY compliant as qualifiers.

The republicans want him to

The republicans want him to be this season's Sarah Palin. He's reasonalbly nice looking and ethnic as she was reasonably nice looking and female.