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(VIDEO) Joe Scarborough : Carter's Comfort With Romney Is 'Very Telling'

(VIDEO) Joe Scarborough : Carter's Comfort With Romney Is 'Very Telling'

Team Romney got a gift yesterday from Jimmy Carter, of all people. Asked by MSNBC's Chris Jansing whether he’d be comfortable with Romney in the Oval Office, here’s what the former Democratic president said:

I’d rather have a Democrat. But I would be comfortable. I think Romney has shown in the past, in his previous years as a moderate, a progressive, that he was fairly competent as a governor and also running the Olympics, as you know. He’s a good solid family man and so forth. He’s gone to the extreme rightwing positions on some very important issues in order to get the nomination. What he’ll do in the general election and what he’ll do as president I think is difficult [to predict].

It’s not a ringing endorsement, but it certainly undercuts the Obama campaign’s effort to portray Romney as a radical conservative.

“I think that was very telling,” Joe Scarborough said on Morning Joe Thursday. “You’ve got a Democratic former president, a man who always occupied the center of American politics, coming out and saying he would not be horrified if Mitt Romney were president of the United States.”

Time’s Mark Halperin agreed that Carter’s comments were a boon to the Romney team. “Jimmy Carter saying he’s acceptable – it doesn’t have a wide constituency necessarily, but it does go to a wider theme that a lot of Democrats as they meet Romney for the first time might agree with, that he’s acceptable,” said Halperin. “And that is his path to victory if he has one.


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