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Ron Paul about to win Louisiana (but we need help)

The Louisiana State Director just called me to ask for me to get the Ron Paul NetRoots moving on this ASAP - we have less than 48 hours.

He told me we are about to win Louisiana, but that it could very well be a situation like Maine, where only a few dozen or couple of hundred votes make the difference. The Party down there is doing everything they can to stop us from winning the caucuses this Saturday. Things are stacked in our favor at the moment but we need an overwhelming victory to ensure that it will be impossible to be taken from us.

There are 2 things you can do specifically to help out:

1- If you know any Ron Paul supporters in Louisiana please tells us who they are. You can do that by going to www.RonPaulLA.com and submitting their information to the form titled "Submit A Supporter".

2- If someone needs to know the details of their caucus, time, location, etc, then they need to visit www.LouisianaVoter.com where they can get the needed information

3- Everyone in Louisiana needs to "vote for slate #7".

Remember the Republican Party STOLE the election in Louisiana from Ron Paul last time, let's make history and not let that happen again!

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THANK YOU from the bottom of

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work.
It is people like you all across America that will bring this once great country back to its foundation of freedom and liberty!

Good Job and keep fighting!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

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Any updates?

Any updates?

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polls closed at noon

Lots of support in Lake Charles. Voting took place on paper ballots and there are plenty of people to watch the counting. Those results will be taken to a central place. Told that we should know in a couple of hours the final results. Also Ron Paul is speaking in Louisiana tonight. Location in Baton Rouge, location revealed to those who voted.


Where did u hear this?

Where did u hear this?

from LAGOP.com website


On April 28, 2012, the Republican Party of Louisiana will hold district caucuses across Louisiana as the first phase of delegate selection for the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Republican voters will cast ballots at 30 sites from 8:30 am until 12:00 noon on Saturday, April 28, 2012. Twenty-five delegates and twelve alternates will be elected from each congressional district to vote at the Republican State Convention, where the election of delegates and alternates to the Republican National Convention will take place.

Any Louisiana registered voter affiliated with the Republican Party on December 15, 2011 is eligible to participate. Participants are not required to stay for a meeting in order to cast a vote. Voters will be required to present a valid photo ID in order to cast a ballot.

Realise that Lousiana is Central Time, and it is 1 pm here, even though it post noon


I knew there was a victory

I knew there was a victory party but didn't know Dr. Paul would be there

He will be in Baton Rouge tonight



I guess I will meet him next

I guess I will meet him next time

Ron Paul in Baton Rouge tonight

I learned about it from email from Charlie Davis
Louisiana State Chairman
Ron Paul 2012 PCC
It said location to be announced at voting polls. So when I voted I asked about it at the Ron Paul table, and was told they chose Baton Rouge. I saw him speak in Baton Rouge in 2008, and he was wonderful. And unlike other candidates, he still doesn't change his message to get votes. He is the real thing.


If you meet him can u get an

If you meet him can u get an autograph for me? Something came up and I couldn't stay

Its probably at the HQ. The

Its probably at the HQ. The stickers we put in the slim Jim's last night indicated that's where the party was

Caucus votes are not to be moved fron their location.

This isn't right.


the actually number of delegates votes, how many for each slate will be totaled with the six other districts in Louisiana to see who won.

Ron Paul is slate 7 in each of the six districts in Louisiana. We want to know if this total for the state will be greater than the other slates.

Here is article from New Orleans paper Time-Picayune written by Jonathan Tilove, which explains it better than I can.



Caucus votes are not to be moved...??

but they HAVE been repeatedly moved to a


so if its illegal...
why havent those caucuses where they DID move the boxes
been redone with a cadre of WATCHERS??

or am I whistling up a valley where the wind just dont ever blow?


Just in Louisiana,

I don't know the rules for the other states' cuacii.

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Keep it up everyone. Let's steamroll our way to the nomination

right over FOX News and straight through the middle of the old GOP.

Delegates, delegates, delegates.

chalmette. st bernard parrish just took 2/3 of the vote...

I'm hearing this from other sites as well. Possibility that cops called to a Orleans Parrish caucus

what do you mean "took" 2/3

what do you mean "took" 2/3 of the vote?

2/3 of caucus goers voted

2/3 of caucus goers voted slate 7

ah, ok. It got me a bit

ah, ok. It got me a bit worried when you said "took the vote" and then the cops might need to be called in.

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Just voted in caucus....The place is SWARMING with Ron Paulers! If they count the votes RON WILL TAKE LA!
New Orleans, LA.


I only know of one guy in Lafayette. He’s also on slate #7. My relatives down there are mostly apolitical.

On Facebook:
Personal ProfilePolitical GroupPolitical Page

Im down here now volunteering!

Trust me! call someone and get here.

how are we doing so far?

how are we doing so far?

every ron paul supporter called this week twice over



yes louisiana

once we get a state the media blackout becomes damaged. this is vital. win. make it so.


Keepin' this visibile!


The Most Important & Relevant Speech of Our Time!
Just 2 steps, be the media!!!