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As Ron Paul Continues To Add Delegates To His Coffer, GOP Nomination Is Becoming A More Likely Prospect

This article breaks down the delegate strategy Ron Paul is using in order to make himself the final relevant non-Romney Republican in the primary. And the article goes on to explain that he actually has a chance of pulling off an upset and winning the nomination, and shows just how that could happen. Essential reading to understand where the race stands at this moment.


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Was gonna send an Amen

but it got snuffed out by facts, unfortunately.

article is incorrect

WA has not selected national delegates...

they are so close to connecting the dots

but they still don't get it...

"Even if he doesn't end up with the GOP nod, Paul may be able to influence the proceedings in Tampa by changing the conversation and revamping the strategy in order to target Paulites and others who don't agree with Romney's policies."

Rmoney can promise the world, we know better than to believe him.

maybe just maybe, if he carved "end the fed" into the flesh of his arm, or tattooed it on his forehead, I might just vote for him...other than that, he can keep dreaming.

no way no how

Its Ron or None.


Now that is a good compromise

I would consider voting for Romney if he carved end the fed on his arm or tattooed it on his forehead. He would be a bad ass if he did..hahaha. to funny.

i second that, if the bastard

i second that, if the bastard carves end the fed he's got my vote too