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left-over material from RI for TEXAS

Hi I have some leftover material from Rhode Island's primary, I am happy to send along to Texas just need someone I can send it to

about 250 'military' theme palm-cards color front, b&w text on back
assorted slim jims, 3 different subjects, about 50 - 75 maybe more?

40 color, front & back letter sized "Romney vs. Paul" comparison charts, paper.

Let me know.

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Leftover supplies ready to ship - address needed

I have 3-4 full boxes of supplies (slim jim, super brochures, 1/2 page budget oriented hard sheet, etc.) These supplies should be good to canvass 2 counties. As in my county, I was only able to use 1/3 of this amount.

I have ~35 bumper stickers, over 20 window signs + telephone pole signs you can also staple on trees. If you are interested in having them, let me know the shipping address as well.

extra campaign materals

I also have a bunch of slim jims,bumper stickers,flyers,and about 20 yard signs and stands for them. I will ship them to you on my dime if you will promise to distribute them!

In Liberty Dan Only Ron Paul 2012