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Huff Po article claims Ron Paul only raised $13,104 in March

This article is absolutely infuriating, complete and total BS, LIES, LIES, and more LIES. Pulling numbers out of thin air. It also talks about how Stephen Colbert's Super Pac has more money than Liberty Pac, blah, blah....please go here and set them straight. I've already posted his totals for March at $2.6 million.

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read the article

it's talking about the superpac not the actual campaign.


I'm so sick of the msm LIES!!!

I mean it literally, I feel sick to my stomach when I read articles these news networks put out there!
I'm an older man and I don't Twitter or Facebook but here is an idea for those of you who do... Get in touch with Colbert and point the article out to him and ask him to do the right thing in protest of these msm LIES!!! Ask him to donate all of his super pacs money to the Ron Paul super pac!
He knows a huge part of his younger democratic viewer base is frustrated with obombya and is moving to the Ron Paul movement.
He is a hilarious and intelligent comedian but I have stopped watching him because like most established figures on television, he rarely touches on the Ron Paul movement. Either he is frightened to lose his democratic viewers or he himself isn't facing the Truth!
I think if he continues to support obombya he will find himself looking for work in B-rated comedy movies.
Do the right thing Stephen! Give it all to the man who stands for "REAL CHANGE!!!"
Ron Paul or No one 2012

Let it be written, that in 2012 we changed the World!!!