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Age of Aquarius and Ron Paul

So for anyone who hasnt heard about this, I think that you should look up and read about The Age of Aquarius. Apparently we are moving into this age Dec 21, 2012.

This new age is supposed to represent a time of peace, connectedness and a higher consciousness. Heres a quote from the site I found

"To put it simply, we are shifting away from old, fear-based habits and imagining a whole new reality for ourselves - a reality based on hope rather than despair, of abundance rather than lack, of peace rather than war, of contentedness rather than yearning, and of connectedness rather than separation."

Now, of course come to your own conclusions, but the conclusion that I have come to is that this is all somehow related to Dr. Paul and the message of Liberty. These things are just lining up too perfectly with one another. But heres the website that I found, of course there are a ton of others with much more info, please let me know what you guys think about this!


RON PAUL 2012!!!

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We have actually felt the energy of the "New Age" for some

time now. And yes, I also believe that Dr. Paul has emerged like he has because the powerful energy of CHANGE has lifted him to do what he does so well. The Age of Aquarius, technically, is just beginning but the Old Energy, Pisces, is still being felt and the ones who prospered under the old energy is not going to let go very easily. This is why Dr. Paul is getting so much flak.

Every second that ticks by the old energy is getting weaker and weakers while the Age of the Brotherhood of Mankind gets more and more powerful.

This is why we, of the New Age ought to continue acting as a Lighthouse spreading the Light of CHANGE and Healing to all of Earth and the entire cosmos. Using prayer, meditation, thinking good thoughts and sending those Light thoughts to all on Earth, Sun, etc...thoughts like healing to everyone even to people like Bill O'Reilly, Barack Obama, for to do otherwise would be like being in the old energy which is dying off by the minute.

This is a good topic. Thank you for starting it.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

Ron Paul as AVATAR

Thank you NewAge2012

If you have seen some of my more cryptic posts here you know I have long known the 2012 energies. It is not possible to say exactly whats in store fro all of us by end of this cycle
We are nearing the MC of the Photon Band at which time there will
be a sea change most of which is already in process.
The OLD views are fading and humanity is seeing with a new vision .

With PLUTO, deep profound CHANGE in Capricorn since a year now and till 2024 the world will see increasing failures of govts, mountains, skyscrapers, institutions, hierarchies as in Patriarchy, and those things of form and structure. yes its a cleansing process.

As there is no way I can get a time of birth for Ron Paul I cant get an accurate birth chart for him. I have looked up a SUNSIGN chart. he is for real, all the assets most of us see in him are true. Whats in his future?
I cannot see because I dont know his ASC with no birth time

As it is now with a 6AM BT this is what delineates

Sex M
Pittsburgh, PA 42 United States 08/20/1935 06:00 - Julian day 2428034.96
Adjust 5.00 ST 3.31 Lat 40.26 Long 79.59

Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Time unknown
Sun Leo 26.29
Moon Taurus 17.57
Mercury Virgo 6.44
Venus Virgo 22.39 R
Mars Scorpio 12.33
Jupiter Scorpio 15.42
Saturn Pisces 7.38 R
Uranus Taurus 5.29 R
Neptune Virgo 13.39
Pluto Cancer 26.29
Lilith Virgo 14.15
Asc node Capricorn 21.28

In this chart Capricorn is on his MC which makes me nervous
I wont discuss this and we will see how the transit plays out here.
Here the Natal Pluto is in Cancer 4th. Difficult childhood.
One parent was very authoritarian, probably the mother.

This chart places his SUN in LEO in the Fifth House, very good for relating to people and children and POLITICIANS.

I am hoping this chart isnt the same as his NATAL chart but without the TIME of birth we cant know more.

There is a power here but it is not without danger.
Here he has Saturn in the Pisces 12th so he had his bouts with self doubt and has been a hard worker not for self aggrandizement.

what can we do for HIM as he does so much for all of us?

Make a circle for safety and stand in it and tell UNIVERSE we all need Ron Paul and want him to be safe and healthy and be our leader for many years ahead.

Do it daily. Call forth his well being and guiding the nation
in the future to a better condition.

Give thanks to UNIVERSE for giving us what we call forth now as if it were already done and so it is.

step out of circle and go sit and make vision.

Past my bedtime, I will say his name with well being again before sleep. What we speak and think just before sleep is powerful. :)