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Don't be fooled by the misquote of RNC Rule 40


This is actually a pretty decent article, but the writer got an important detail wrong.

"As the primary season rolls on and Paul is still looking for his first contest win, the odds of a Paul presidency look bleak. Paul is also up against an RNC rule, Rule 40, that states a candidate must have received a plurality of votes in five states in order to even be considered at the convention. Paul has yet to receive a plurality in one state."

Don't be misled!

According to the actual rule book, Rule 40(b) states the following:

"Each candidate for nomination for President of the United States and Vice President of the United States shall demonstrate the support of a plurality of the delegates from each of five (5) or more states, severally, prior to the presentation of the name of that candidate for nomination."


The candidate needs a plurality of DELEGATES, not votes, in at least 5 states. And Paul is easily on track to meet that requirement.

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ALSO to note, these are the

ALSO to note, these are the 2008 convention rules, the rules for the 2012 convention will be decided AT the convention.

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Don't Tread on Me!

one thing that I don't get about this rule

is that in 2008, only 1 candidate had a plurality of delegates in any state, and that was obviously John McCain. Romney and Huckabee had won several states, but they released their delegates. Therefore, at the beginning of the roll call vote, neither candidate had a plurality in 5 states.

YET ... both Paul and Romney received a few delegate votes at the convention.

Was this rule in effect in 2008? If so, why were delegates able to vote for those candidates? If the rule was in effect and they voted anyway, then what was the practical purpose of such a rule with regard to the delegate vote?

In the first round

The "plurality" refers to the plurality of DELEGATES from 5 states.
This is required for a candidate to get NOMINATED at the GOP convention to be in the running for their eventual winner.

The actual straw poll popular voting in the states doesn't count as any criteria, except as it may affect the delegate numbers from certain states with rules like that.
Ron Paul has a plurality of delegates from at least 5 states.
He will be nominated at the convention. And if it goes past the first round of voting, he might win.

see and thats why most if not ALL RP supporters will abstain

from their vote in round 1!!!!
They have no control over it(!) and Mitt Romney wont be the Nominee. No way that this flip floper will secure the nomination.
We are everywhere and watch out what happens in Texas after the honest Dr. Paul has some more Events.

People you only need to show up! Vote for our delegates or be a delegate yourself!
We are writing history! The media is lying since day 1 !

Ron Paul 2012 Wins Majority

Ron Paul 2012 Wins Majority Of Washington Delegates To Convention, Other States Expected To Follow


Excellant article, BT!

The comments were awesome as well. Interesting that a commenter points out that a 'plurality of delegates' does not mean 'majority of delegates'. In the literal sense; '..more than one'.

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