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How did this happen? Did that damned MSM make the military think Ron is out?

I saw this link at the bottom of the story in "International Business Times". I simply can't believe it's possible.

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Ron Paul himself

Ron Paul himself admitted on Cuvuto last night that winning the nomination is not likely. I have seen him make similar statements over the past few weeks. He articulates very good reasons for staying in the race, (namely us, seeing how many delegates we can accumulate, and the opportunity to have an affect at the convention.) However the last money bomb bombed. Who wants to donate to someone who does not think they can win? Ultimately, I think that is why donations are drying up. I blame MSM too. We were never given a fair shot, and we have been demonized, villified, and had establishment party hacks run rough shod over us at many of the conventions pulling dirty tricks. We knew this going in though.

The AE talk is grasping at straws, and it's not even something Ron is interested in pursuing, (Maybe he knows something that other people on this site have been saying for a while.) However the recent calls for the campaign to go on the attack on Mitt Romney I do agree with. Hit him hard and now in order to win over the religious right/Christian conservative crowd, or we are done. This is exactly what the Romney campaign is scared of. That is why Romney has been recently attacking pornography. He's smart. He's trying hard to appeal to Santorum delegates. I truly hope the campaign is attempting to attract Santorum delegates as well. The "anybody but Romney" crowd needs to be won over by us in order to remain viable, and that crowd is very Christian. Forcing MSM to admit our victories in Iowa, Minesottta, and elsewhere will help sustain us for the next month, and might spur some short term donations. Washington is still a month away. My guess is MSM will claim Romney has the 1144 delegates needed prior to the Washington State convention on May 30th.

A major Romney scandal would go far to help, assuming MSM would even cover it though. Free subs for votes isn't near a big enough deal.


if military donations are larger to obama than to Paul that it is because media convinced enough people that he dropped out. that claim needs serious countering so that such a development (obama getting more) does not continue.


OK, i am gonna go ahead and say it people

STOP using this website for information. No way in hell they know whether Paul has won Washington and now this article which has holes all in it...STOP!

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

It's exhausting just keeping up with the FUD

But you gotta do it. I've even started a blog on Patch (Soros funded hahahah) so I can jab Mitt about his panic meeting the other night.

It was a stunt to be sure and I have NO comments on it so far, because I think people are speechless.

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This is hilarious

1. I don't ever recall an article from a non-independent media source about Ron Paul getting more $$ than the others, but the second there is (allegedly) a hiccup they are all over it.

2. They frame the article to make it look bad for RP, the guy that they are trying to drum out, and he is more popular than the guy he is currently competing against.

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Their very own reporting sounds 'fairly' erratic - to ME!

Take a good look at that page - and then, what they 'recommend' for reading...

Wonder if they have meetings to decide how to report the 'news' for that particular day - which slant to put on it?

Susie 4 Liberty