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Leave Mitt Central Alone

We've been having a lot of fun trolling Mitt Central. At last, we've found a place where FANS of Mitt Romney could gather and talk! This is unprecedented! We didn't even know Romney HAD fans. And here's a bunch of them gathered around making small talk, and it's so tempting to crash their party. Multiple times. Relentlessly. And enjoy the feeling of getting banned over asking an innocent question. (Or maybe you didn't want to get banned and sincerely wanted an innocent question asked, but got banned anyway.)

I think this needs to stop. Mitt Central is a single harmless chat room where Romney fans can gather together and discuss the weather. If that's what they want and nothing more for their site, that's their perogative. What they want for their site, I'll respect that.

What I want, which I'm sure most of want to do, is win hearts and awaken minds. We cannot do this -- it is impossible -- by trolling. All it does is put them on the defensive. Maybe they were once willing to listen to simple questions, but now, thanks to the trolling, they are not. Worse, maybe their hearts would be so hardened by our trolling that even if Ron Paul gets the nomination, they would refuse to support him. They would be all to happy to accuse Ron Paul of cheating, which is actually what they did recently right after his Iowa win, in part (I think) to our relentless trolling. This is blowback in the making.

I want to be able to talk to these people. I want to be able to ask questions and get answers. But I can't if they are up in arms protecting their turf. I can't be a good representative of Ron Paul's foreign policy if I'm cramming my opinions down their throats. We are representatives of Ron Paul. People will judge Ron Paul and his policies by our actions.

Besides, I just don't feel comfortable harassing people who just want to sit down and have peaceful cups of tea and admire their hero of choice. That's where they gather to relax, not where they gather to do battle. We can battle all we want in comments sections in news articles and in other places. But if they want peace in their own site, let's let them.

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You left out one small tidbit

I read everything that hits the internet and what I do not see in the comments all over the place is "Its Romney or no one at all" or "No Romney, No Vote". The Romney people are afraid of 4 more years of Obama, We are not. we have been preparing for this for some time now and if you do not believe what I'm am saying, then go read everything yourselves that have comments and you will see that the RP supporters will not budge! NO Paul, No Vote ...Good luck with Obama again!!!
yours truly,

It is a total waste of valuable time.

I was having fun over there and loving all the comments over here. I even put up a post entitled "How not to get banned at RomCentral". A mod took it down and retitled it by adding the phrase "Don't go there. Stay focused." Which is exactly what we need to do.

Are we signed up as precinct delegates? Do we understand the rules of our state? Are we meeting with other supporters and helping other liberty folk seeking local office? We ought to be. Pick a better battle than with those Rombots. Half them are paid shills anyways, I am willing to bet.

People at MittCentral just want to talk trivial talk. Let them. They know how to find about Ron Paul if they want to. We need to focus. Leave people to them-selves. Liberty has a way of luring folks in all by it-self.

Don't believe me? Here is a comment I received to the post I mentioned above before it was taken down.

look on the positive!
Submitted by DuaneK36 on Thu, 04/26/2012 - 14:00. Permalink
In was my short time spent at mittromneycentral that steered me to this site!! As they actually accused me of having visited here, when I had not ever heard of the dailypaul. I was at the time simply a republican wanting to discuss issues about Mitt the candidate. And now, screw mitt and his supporters..

Seriously, I was in there and tried to talk about issues facing the country and how mitt might do well to address them. They didn't want to hear it and banned me!!! I saw others being kicked out of their chat if they mentioned anything remotely truthful. Anyways, forget them, they are nothing, less than nothing, they are people that I will in my lifetime avoid at all costs....glad to be here, and Ron Paul is so right and such a better man than mitt romney. Ron Paul is whate our nation needs, mitt and his supporters there are well.....hate to say it...but they are truly idiots.

They seemed woefully uninformed on any serious issues and will not talk about them....just stick their heads in the sand on major issues, it's just so wrong. I realized they won't talk about certain issues, because they know they have no legitimate excuse for Mitt on some.

So...be thankful those who are there are there..I'm sure they will turn off even more real people who try to visit.

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin

Well, isn't that NICE...I

Well, isn't that NICE...I don't troll anywhere but incase you don't know we are in a fight to WIN the White House....trolling and being rude is probably useless but if someone wants to by all means have at it...As much as Dr. Paul is mocked and characterized as, well you know all they say, you really think we should care if their site gets opinions from trolls? Be nice? They wont be persuaded-they are "establishment" remember...the status quo. Th
e neocons..geez.

"...the most memorable concern of mankind
is the guts it takes to
face the sunlight again."-Charles Bukowski

Sorry if you were offended

If you weren't trolling, I don't know why you'd be offended by my post, but sorry if I did. I was also one who just went over there to ask an innocent question, and got banned and namecalled for it, too.

We are fighting to win the White House. I know. I am doing exactly that when I say that we should be nice, and should be representatives of Dr. Paul every time we bring up his name or write/say anything politically related.

I do believe that respectful of other people's limits will win hearts. Will being respectful win all of them? No. I never said it'd win everyone's hearts, because every person is an individual, and can choose to believe whatever they wish regardless of what information is put in front of them.

I hate how Dr. Paul is mocked and lied about, too. It really is tempting to respond in kind by being hateful to those who hate him. Thankfully we are not animals and are capable of deliberately choosing to respond to hate and lies with love and truth.

We should be relentless and unafraid of talking about Ron Paul and his message. We should defend him and talk to others about him. We should not be rude and insist on going where we are not wanted. They'll self-destruct on their own.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

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that site doesnt even load

that site doesnt even load for me lol

A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges. - Ben Franklin

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Error establishing a database

Error establishing a database connection

maybe i should ask if they need a new host?

A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges. - Ben Franklin

I would agree that trolling

I would agree that trolling will get us no where, but getting banned for simply asking a non-threatening, non-leading question wont get us anywhere either.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

I think I lucked out...

...I went there late one evening and actually had a polite conversation with some of the folks at mittromneycentral.com. Maybe it helped that I stated right up front that I was a supporter of Dr. Paul but was trying to educate myself about Mitt Romney. They were receptive enough (at least at that late hour) to try to respond to my question about whether Romney would reconsider his support for NDAA. They even started asking me questions about Rand Paul vs. Ron Paul, who Dr. Paul had endorsed in 2008 (Chuck Baldwin), whether I would vote for Obama or stay home instead of vote for Romney, etc. Just being polite and open and honest seemed to help. But then again, I may have just been there at a time when the ones who would normally freak out were not?

I got a chuckle out of how they filter 'Ron Paul' and make it appear as 'Mickey Mouse', etc. Kind of lame, but funny at the same time.

Perhaps there's ways to do it that emphasize you're not there to harrass people, but just respectfully get their opinions?

I take that back...

...they are extremely rude there. I went back a second time and praised them to their face for being polite to me earlier. No comments...just banned right off the bat. :D Folks who are that rude are either very nasty, very scared (of competition) or probably a mixture of both. Heh..my intent was just to get their opinion on Obama's administration backing off of the 'no kids working on farms' rules, just for a neutral topic. Didn't even have a chance to ask.

Oh well :) It's their loss if they're going to be insular...


I didn't know they had a place either untili saw an earlier post.. I'm going to check it out just so I can see how many people are online there.. but you have a great point we can argue in the comments sections of articles .. we wouldnt want them coming here and spawning wars. (Although I think I've seen a few post from a non ron Paul education person)