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MSM pushing bogus Stephen Colbert vs. Ron Paul Super PAC story

Desperate to explain recent Ron Paul delegate wins in Iowa and Minnesota, the mainstream media has drummed up yet another bullcrap story designed to kill the Texas congressman's rising momentum. The Paul campaign is in trouble, the MSM is claiming, because Paul's Super PAC is receiving less donations than Stephen Colbert's Super PAC. Absent from the media's focus is the monumental donations coming to Paul's own campaign. Funny how the media is blowing this story way out of proportion while ignoring the fact that Paul blows all other candidates, including Obama, out of the water when it comes to campaign donations from the troops. Super PACs are typically funded by high end donors, which begs the question: Who's donating to the Stephen Colbert Super PAC and turning this into an anti-Ron Paul campaign issue?

From Huffington Post:Stephen Colbert Super PAC Has More Money Than Ron Paul Super PAC


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I had a liberal friend on facebook

post the article from yahoo about this (obviously meant to incite me hehe). I just posted about Ron's $10.4 million for the quarter and he re-directed the convo into asking my thoughts on whether or not I thought Ron could win LOL!

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

I wish people would stop posting this MSM crap

Who cares? Huffington Post? Really?

I would rather listen to the death rattle of my first born child than read anything printed on that website.