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a drunken hermits take.

it seems that this race is a big question mark for many ppl.It sure is for me. Personally i would like to say that Jimmy Carter was a JUSt man and this run of scrambling blues and reds does Not decry Jimmy carter just because his backing of mitt romney in a democratic loss ..He is old, happy man that is a true democrat.Jimmy carters recennt backing of mitt romney is quite puzzling indeed.and im sure it has a story to tell in its own.However do not talk bad about this man.He had a selfless agenda as president,and when he gave a speech to the ppl on tv,believe me it was like he was talking to his children.Seriously..Its true that this election cylcle has ppl on many fronts on their toes.Will Ron Paul win? Are Ron paul supprters complete psychos with a dillusional view?Some ,perhaps.But i here and now state that i am simply a new customer to the world of politics.I will accept a win or a loss this year because i know that there are bigger problems more directly influencing on my personal life.Youe see i am non violent offender that is trying to pik up the ashes and put a halfway decent life for my 8 year old.i have no money save for her let alone myself,and this is truly what i strive to do.Its tough wrestling with a.d.d impulses to spend money,act like a creep with my girlfreind,and just live for the moment .At the end of the day i usually feel gulity of not pursuing what is right in my finances.But i promise that i will never hurt anyone and that i follow the golden rule.Even if they give to rats asses about me.Why? because i was raised to try and cope.even when i was getting beaten down by pops growing up i love him to this day.I want to give mija a better life and it is tough.I can hear idealist saying "if youcare about your daughter than fight to the bitter end for Ron"!nah.I am a late bloomer and have no time to actively be a outspoken protester of the establishment.I simply know that it is a shitload of fun to see history being made.History of the huge numbers of macro social media pinpointing what pplthink.what pple feel and what they are striving for.If we are bound to live in a surveilance state fuk it.what does all this have to do with ron paul you ask?w well its simple.Ron paul is a great man.why.he pushes to take care of morality at home.close ur fu--in legs for gods sake and dont hurt noone else.he is a politician and we have families to raise.So come november no matter who wins or who loses know that you must teach your seed to be independent.you must teach how to fish ,not just supply fish,you must eat more healthy,no matter what price.And you must cook more for your children.fast food is NOT the answer,even when you are sleepy.Nothing is easy in life .So get up,get to work!by the way i am fukin drunk so excuse the errors but know that you are pretty much seeing the truth of how i feel .Period.Im sure well meet again bye.

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You sound like a

passionate person - and thanks for supporting the good Dr. Paul. However, a few words of observation.
It's difficult to fish well & take care of your daughter while drunk.:)
Being a hermit nowadays is understandable but one always needs a circle of support - particularly in the days to come. Find a few like-minded friends and/or family.

I think I get it...

The message: Don't depend on Dr. Paul for your future. Create independence by depending on yourself. Thanks for the great message.

Happy Hangover!

Hey drunk dude!
I am quite new to the whole digital world also but I figured out really fast some basic Rules of the Digital Social Network.
Take these to heart, everyone will appreciate it.

When Drinking in excess:

Don't drink and dial.
Don't drink and text.
Don't drink and email.
Don't drink and twitter.
Don't drink and facebook.
And especialy...
Don't drink and post on the Daily Paul!!!


Let it be written, that in 2012 we changed the World!!!