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Doug Wead: Scientists reveal Romney and Obama are actually clones

One of the recent Rasmussen Polls has Ron Paul beating President Barack Obama in a head to head contest. But in the same poll Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are tied. It is not the first time. For almost two years Romney and Obama have been close in the polls.

Now, at last, we know there is a reason why. Romney IS Obama.

Read more: http://dougwead.wordpress.com/2012/04/26/scientists-reveal-r...

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Got to love the Wead.


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Romney is GMO

Genetically Modified Obama

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Obama vs. his clone Romney

Here is another good new video on Obama's clone Romney.

too funny

enjoyed that video

Instead of having someone speak

before Ron Paul gets up on stage, they should play this video on a screen. This way, not only would there be a great intro for him and what he will talk about but also, the people attending the speech would really zero in on him if they are undecided. Also, the chances are that if there are 6k people at a rally, possibly a few hundred will share the video with their friends and boom, you just earned hundreds of extra votes!

Considered the things I've

Considered the things I've learned the past year, I'm willing to look into this.