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CISPA worse than thought! Last minute provisions are chilling!

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They're not hard to find.

They're not hard to find. I've worked in three different countries and in all three (to varying degrees) the people had more freedom than we do in America.


Is bliss.

Maybe it's the illusion of freedom.

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You should try it. We've been

You should try it. We've been brought up with the grade school propaganda that America is freer than other countries and its a flat out myth. Go on an extended visit to other countries and live like the people there do and you'll be surprised to find the one thing that stands out is how much more actual freedoms people there have than we do in America.

Have you seen this?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxSdLdOyDzU

Which countries?

Please name the countries.

Ireland, Jamaica and

Ireland, Jamaica and Colombia, South America. In each of those countries the people have more actual freedom than we do in America. Ireland less so than Jamaica and Colombia. Did you see the recent post here about the Santorum supporter that is switching to Ron Paul? He made this point:

"I having long come to the conclusion that the greatest threat to American freedom comes not from foreign governments, but from our own. Sadly, America has become one of the least free nations on earth. Increasingly, everything in our lives is being regulated by a faceless bureaucracy, to a degree that neither Orwell nor Huxley could have imagined. Want to add a room onto your house? Get permission. Want to get married? Get permission. Want to open a business? Get permission. Want to fly a flag in your front yard? Get permission. Want to own a gun? Get permission. Want to open a lemonade stand? Get permission. Want to play Frisbee on the beach? Get fined. Want to preach politics from the pulpit? Get fined. Want to protest your government without permission? Get arrested."

He is absolutely right. America is one of the least free countries in the world. The rest of that is here if you want to read it: http://blog.briangallimore.com/2012/04/adrian-santorum-and-r...

In addition you may want to look at this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQscE3Xed64

The government is determined

The government is determined to force this on us no matter how much we object. This is getting totally out of control.

Call your politicians, tell

Call your politicians, tell them that you won't be supporting them anymore due to this injustice against our civil liberties.

I just called my congress woman Michelle Bachmann @ (202) 225-2331, and told her that I will no longer support her. I also said I was appalled that someone that claims to support the constitution would support a bill that allows the government to get involved in our personal lives.

Call your politicians, tell

I totally agree that Michele Bachmann's recent vote for CISPA, which even Betty McCollum voted no, is appalling. Also appalling is that she has voted for extension of the Patriot Act, NDAA, H.R. 347, says nothing about the TSA, and continues her support of wars. She has become another one of them like Norm Coleman during the 2008 bailout. He was overwhelmed with letters from voters telling him to vote no but he still voted yes. He claims that we just didn't understand the economic ramifications and it was necessary for him to vote yes. Bachmann is doing the same thing as good ole Norm. She knows better and we just don't understand. We need to be protected. I moved out of my Mother's house years ago and she wasn't even as intrusive as this.

At this time it seems that her only top priority is getting that new bridge built in Stillwater to have to worry about such a little thing as our freedoms. She keeps voting our freedoms away no one will be able to go anywhere including traveling over the new Stillwater bridge. I just thought of something. Could it be that her yes votes on these issues are tied to the construction of this bridge or debt from her Presidential run or both? Has there been any backdoor deals? Hmm. Something to think about. Or is she so caught up in this fearmongering that she is afraid of her own shadow? We don't need politicians like this. We need someone with backbone!

I have decided that if the Minnesota Constitution Party can present us with a candidate to run against her then that's where my vote is being placed. This is the time to start looking at third-party candidates.

I bet I know why they changed the date

Look who wasn't there to vote or have a say... Good ole Ron Paul... So sad too... You know he would have been fuming at the mouth with them over this...

Oh and what do you know... After telling him repeatedly NOT to vote for it.... Good ole Rob Wittman 1st district VA was on the list of ayes.... That little... #%%@

I called Utah "rising star" Chaffetz

Just because he was my favorite freshman at one time. Asked "what happened to the constitution that he pledged an oath to defend? This is 3 times now, that he has violated that: the Patriot Act, NDAA," click. Made several calls to my local rep, she burned us, as expected. Hannabusa. Alot of these congressmen and women can be put out of office just as fast as they were put in! Time to take over this party with REAL constitutional patriots this time. Magically my split news screen that hasn't worked all week it fixed today!

Email all your senators now

Email all your senators now and get them to oppose CISPA it is our only hope.

I just emailed Rand (even though he's not my senator) asking him to filibuster CISPA.

Now is the time get on the emails and phone to all the senators!


I know their character too well, unfortunately. I'm not wasting my time playing a fruitless make-believe game called, "Let's pretend we still have a Republic" anymore.

This is a totalitarian regime we are dealing with. Nothing less.

I think Obama was mouthing

I think Obama was mouthing off about how he was gonna veto this. Lets see... I called my reps office in DC on Wednesday and the staffer said they were getting flooded with calls saying vote no. Guess what? The JA voted yes...


i'm not saying don't contact these criminals but they are bought and paid for and they do not work for us anymore ,that should be very clear by now!!!!

any lawyers here we the

any lawyers here we the citizens of the united states need to file a lawsuit and take this to the supreme court.

Amendment No. 7—Reps. Amash

Amendment No. 7—Reps. Amash (R-MI), Labrador (R-ID), Paul (R-TX), Nadler (D-NY), Polis (D-CO): This amendment would prohibit the federal government from using, inter alia, library records, firearms sales records, and tax returns that it receives from private entities under this Act.

Well, I'll be!

O frabjous day, callooh, callay! I just looked at the list, and my representative, Linda Sanchez, D, CA 39:
(clearly a sanctuary district)

voted Nay!

I've just now called her answering machine to say "Thanks!" and I found myself emoting! I said, "I hope you can continue on the path to sanity" or some such.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

Thank you for this link. Just

Thank you for this link. Just posted it publicly on my Facebook and made sure all my friends knew my Congressman voted for it. And what really bothers me is Congressman Stephen Fincher of TN's 8th district just did a telephone town hall this week. He went on about how Washington leaders don't read the Constitution (like he does...sarcasm). That really blows my mind! Hypocrite!

I called

I called my Congressman yesterday (sent an email last week) to tell him to vote No. He was probably voting Yes while I was on the phone with his staffer.


Ditto here.

Ditto here.


We need the REVOLUTION to flip Congress to patriotic, Paul-type Statesman, and we need it YESTERDAY!

So glad Dr. Paul was out front on this.

All Rs who voted for this NEED TO BE TARGETED FOR REMOVAL!

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Mine was already in my sights.

I would have been amazed if his retired military, neocon self had voted against it. He will definitely hear about it.

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Is there anything that can be

Is there anything that can be done to draw our representatives in our direction? i've written my house rep and senators multiple times for the bailouts, NDAA, SOPA... my rep has voted in an anti-liberty way every time, I think. My writing has clearly done nothing to sway him. Is there really any point of writing more after the fact, or just make sure everyone knows the record when it comes election time?

"Is there anything that can

"Is there anything that can be done to draw our representatives in our direction? "

Big corporate lobbying money works everytime. But for "we the people"? nah, they aren't all that concerned about what we think. They know the American public has a short memory and the media will just drop it after the vote is over if they even pick the story up at all.