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A Little Suggestion for the Paul Campaign

I know Dr Paul has always said "do whatever you want to do". However, due to the poor ratio between number of turnouts at the rallies and voting booths, I'd like to suggest that Dr Paul, during towards the end of his speech, say to the rally goers somewhere along the line that "can I have a committment (or a pledge) from you that you will go out and vote?". I know there are registration booths and ground staff at the rallies, though I believe it is a more powerful message when coming from the man himself. This is more important WHEN (not if) Dr Paul becomes the ultimate nominee and up against Obama.

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Sounds good, but....

I would be interested to see the results of a survey of people who attended a rally to determine A) how many actually didn't vote and B) why they did not vote.

Were they from out of state?
Did they all vote and their votes aren't being counted?

In the meantime, however, your suggestion is a good one.
It can't hurt.

The Virtual Conspiracy

In addition...

Can't we marshal our forces here on Daily Paul to send an URGENT message to the campaign to use these TV interviews to call for a debate between Dr. Paul and Romney here in Texas. It seems such a wasted opportunity just to answer these silly questions without scoring campaign points.

Plano TX

I'm not getting the debate thing

What's there to debate?

Those who like Ron Paul have nothing in common with Romney.. we are not going to see eye to eye. There is NOTHING Romeny can sway to move me to vote for him. Is there anything Romney can say to you?

So I'm not getting the debate. to have a debate, you have to be able and willing to lose something... Ron Paul is not going to lose his supports so he has NOTHING to lose, and that's why it would be STUPID for Romney to debate Ron Pau. Romney is NOT stupid.

The idea is for Romney to look weak if he won't do it.

More people need to know just what a great president Ron would be, and to end all that crap about how he's not in the race anymore.

Putting Paul against...

... Romney in a debate here in TX will give voters an opportunity to see how radically the two candidates disagree on Constitutional matters and clearly illustrate that Ron Paul is the true conservative. You defeat your own argument by acknowledging that Romney has the most to lose and thus will not agree to a debate, which in turn will dent his credibility. Other than that, I don't follow your logic about Romney swaying me. I'm about Paul swaying the undecided vote that has to be huge now with St. Orum and the lobbyist dropping out.

Plano TX

Romeny is being pumped by MSM

Ron Paul is being ignored by MSM

Asking for a debate is us wanting MSM attaention, and we're not going to get it.

We need to focus on restoring the GOP and take it from Romney/MSM that way.

Too many people wanting to remain third party and decline to state party is the problem IMO.

The GOP is...

... a crock of horse dung. Yes, we want MSM attention, the best attention possible, that is, a Romney vs Paul debate: first question Gov. Romney: Your top contributors are on Wall Street. Paul's top contributors are active duty military personnel. Support the troops, vote Ron Paul. Support Wall Street, vote Romney. Got a problem with this picture, governor?

Plano TX