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The next Ron Paul: Thomas Massie

Kentucky is at it again! Seems we have a penchant for curly-haired liberty candidates here. Meet Thomas Massie! He has been endorsed by Ron Paul and Rand may even endorse officially soon. We seriously need Thomas in Congress to help replace the lost voice of Ron Paul.

He is running a very strong race, and the latest poll shows him with a good 10 point lead.

With your help, we were able to elect Rand. Now, please give us a hand to send another liberty Representative to Washington. Money bomb!


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Bring RP to KY!!

NKU Youth for Paul goup has a petition going to get Dr. Paul and Mr. Massie and Rand to have a rally at MayFest in Covington. PLEASE sign and forward link to everyone:


Major Bump for NKU Event Invite

This is a major bump for he Northern Kentucky University invite for Congressman Ron Paul, US Senator Rand Paul, and US Congressional candidate Mr. Thomas Massie. The brand new contribution money bomb total is now: $26,276.88


liked what I've seen of Massie so far. I donated yesterday to him. An RP endorsement was icing on the cake. If you can spare an extra $5, $10 send him some love. Every little bit adds up


If Ron Paul endorses him, I endorse him.

...I believe they call that the transitive property. LOL

But seriously, he sounds good to me.

I worry about what will happen when Ron leaves Congress. Our movement has a unifying ideology, but we disagree all the time on practical politics - the only thing we can agree on is Dr. Paul. Hence, Paul endorsements are essential. For the sake of the unity of the movement going forward, we need more Paul endorsements before he retires from public life and leaves us to figure it out for ourselves. By the time Ron leaves, we need a new generation of recognized leaders ready to go: and the surest way to get that is to have a set of Ron-endorsed candidates.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Anyone stepping up has a long way to go before they

could get a title like that placed on them by me. When he's got a few years of proving himself in action, then we'll talk.

Otherwise, if they both have backed him, he's gotta be a good person, I would think.

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I bet once you hear what Jack Hunter has to say

about Massie's opponent, you'll kick in a couple of bucks.

I did.


But what's up with the sweater vest and name tag? All joking aside, this is great!

Bring RP and Massie to KY MayFest

The Youth For Paul group at Northern Kentucky University is trying to get Dr. Paul and Mr. Massie to have a rally at Covington's MayFest, which occurs shortly before KY has their primary.

They have an online petition.