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The Alarm Is Now Blaring and It's Time We Know the Truth!

I find myself guilty of helping to fertilize a demon seed that has been planted but, I had accomplices and they are right here on Daily Paul. You, my friends, are also guilty. We have been infiltrated by experts who have been toying with our minds. Oh, they are sooo good at it, too.

Case in point: I read the comments posted about the Cavuto interview and became very disheartened. Those comments were so negative, pointing right at that demon thought in the back of my mind, that I could not bring myself to even watch the video. Those comments kept pouring on in and I got caught up in all that negativity and posted something out of total disgust that I knew I would come to regret posting. I see now that same demon seed has taken root deep into this site.

Today, after a good night’s sleep, I watched that video in question. I was horrified! No, not because it was the dagger in our hearts which I had been (I believe, deliberately) led to believe it was. It was not that at all! It was because I finally realized that we have most certainly been infiltrated by the enemy! You may attribute “the enemy” to whichever group you may believe it may be, or to all of them, in a joint effort to bring Ron Paul and us down. How many of us shot off comments, trusting each other, without watching that interview? I suspect I am not alone. Have you noticed more and more negative threads and comments threatening to cut off funds unless the campaign strikes hard at various targets? I’m not saying all of those threads and comments were done by the enemy. What I am saying is that the enemy has begun to take control of many of us. Too many of us are getting caught in that trap. We are so busy trying to wake people up that we forget the alarm to wake ourselves up.

It’s time to wake up and fight with Dr. Paul, not against him. Begin by destroying that demon seed. Pull that evil root out and burn it to the hell in which it belongs. It does not belong here.

Because of those infiltrators, I am now firmly convinced that Dr. Ron Paul is, in fact, winning and they know it! Okay. The alarm is now blaring and it's time we know that we are winning, too.

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Thanks George!

...You beat me to the punch! LOL!
Yeah..Who is this Gary Johnston,Jonestown,er Jannsen..whatever!

..and who is this Leo character?
He's a newbie that needs to:
"Take the cotton outta his ears....
......and put it in his mouth"!

I Love you guys! Great Post!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Why so arrogant?

Its people like you that give Ron Paul a bad name. If you don't agree on something thats fine but why do you find the need to be an ass about it?

Isn't Gary Johnson

..calling you?...nice try 12 day troll.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!


I told you it won't work here anymore, leo. LOL

Good comment, Danton!

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

For me it's simple.

#1 Ron Paul # 2 Gary Johnson, even though the machines are rigged and the votes might not even count.

Thank you for your seeing clearly and saying so

when I saw al those negative comments I realized the mind controllers had made hay since the very upbeat Squawkbox video

the mass mind sways back and forth like fronds of seaweed in the ocean
those who know when and how to rile the waters a hundred yards away to create waves in our patch of seaweed had struck and some waves were swaying attitudes here

all of us would do well to remember:

" We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested largely by men we have never heard of… In almost every act of our lives whether in the sphere of politics or business in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind."

-Edward Bernays



Hey, Sophia!

Thank you for backing me up. We in the NY metro area tend to see things differently than others. Not all of us but, a whole lot of us.

Great link! Thanks!

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Greets Nonna, We in the NY metro area

have been exposed to a whole lot more than most in the insane
machinations of those who think and act like the psychopaths of "The Lobby' mindset
Its been here so much longer and is so all pervasive we develope
a 2nd,3rd,4th, 5th,...20th + sight in attempting to deal with the cunning and often thickly veiled ones

Not to worry many who see us as paranoid visit the NY Metro area ( FOUR STATES ! )and RUN from the reality of the prevailing social construct as so very UNNATURAL and UNNERVING

When they catch their breath and return from "clockwork orange on the Hudson" they think OH yeah those truth seeing ones are correct
and they dont look at our kind as paranoid anymore
but as carrying a healthy intuition for the subtle infiltrations of the supporters of the STATUS QUO which has its deepest roots along the 6 mile long Island of Manhattan and its tentacles firmly anchored on NJ, PA, CT, and the Boros and Long Island

Be proud of yourself for sniffing a very nasty little invisible fume seeping under the doors of TDP

and TRUST many of us can sniff it too

As I am not here so long I have to look up peoples posts to see if they are being tongue in cheek as my own mind runs to seeing double intentions in many writings

NOT to be ashamed of
It means our survival individually and collectively
in life and here at TDP.

also I have been posting TDP on many
videos so the viewers who inhabit there can come get some facts and enlarge their understandings
this is good for here but the net will gather up many unsavory skate types of swimmers, we have to sort the catch

TRUST your intuits!

You have been right on .

I'll say one thing about us "Golden Girls".

We're no dumb paciagaloops! "The nose knows... Ha-cha-cha." (I know YOU understand that.)

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

"The nose knows... Ha-cha-cha."

while he shakes his fedora ! YUP!
if he were here today he would give us all some lessons in the controllers of the STAGE, ubtecha.

Always Ck the User ID

The first thing I do, before replying, is click on the posters user ID. It is amazing how many negtive comments and threads are from new users. When I see a greater percentage of new users in a negative thread I take all comments with a grain of salt. For example, this thread, with the exception of a few like The Granger, Big T, myself and a few others(and I've only been here just three weeks short of 3 years) have only been members for 12 to 13 weeks. Although I welcome all the new users, there most certainly will be trolls included in their ranks, and I believe that there are even old trolls that have come back to bug us again(but I do not see that in this thread). It's a sticky conundrum, but I always ck the user account before I reply. For me, this thread lacks a certain verasity due to the preponderance of new members.

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Length of time on this site

Length of time on this site is generaly proportional to the severity of the delusions of the members. Those that are members for years still think Ron Paul has 700 or so stealth delegates.

There is nthing positive about htat. Being that delusional is a sickness.


are you? why is your name crossed out? something wrong with transparency?


Truthbearer's picture

This clown...

...came from nitwit-central.

It hangs out there all the time and the misspellings revel it's stupidity on both sites.

Our vigilant Mod here tonight just "ban hammered" it twice like they do to our folks over there at nitwit-ville. At least they get a chance here. Over there Ron Paul folks get instantly axed.

You want to see how it really is. You look at that pathetic nittneycentral site with all but a whole maybe twenty people there that hang out compared to our hundreds or even thousands on this site. What does that tell you? The numbers do not lie like the media propaganda does.

It is so blatantly obvious that the support for Ron Paul outnumbers the romulans, and they just can not be anything but sore losers. Wahhh!

So, if you look carefully in tonight's commentary, you will see two X'ed out names meaning it got 86ed twice tonight. How long do you think it will be before it tries to come back?



I say less talk

and a hell of a lot more action. Get out there. Anyone on this blog that is NOT a PC...well shame on you. Seriously, shame on you.

I have no idea how many are actually viewing this site and are members. I only know that what I saw at my county and state conventions, prior to the primary was amazing.

Just get out there and do the work. Talk to any living being about RP and his message. I do and will for....forever.

And you're here now


Believe me, most of us are working our tails off for Dr. Paul. Maybe not doing what you decree we should do but, doing what must be done in our own neighborhoods to achieve greater support from Indies and Dems, too.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Are you trying to personify

Are you trying to personify pessimism? I agree negativity should be left at the door, but you sound overly paranoid.

The Revolution Continues..

Maybe it's because

I've seen more than most in my lifetime. Better to be a nutty duck than a dead bird.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

People tend to follow the crowd

People tend to follow the crowd.

This is and can be a problem if the leaders of the crowd are those who are Anti-Paul.

Truthbearer's picture

By their...

...spots we know them.


Sorry for my earlier reply.

You do get the point. Thank you.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

it is called ignorance!

Of course we are infiltrated!

The best thing to do is COUNTER them as fast as possible and never ever blindly agree. You must always do your own research!

If you are a regular on DailyPaul.com you have to be able to spot everything.

Anything that is NEGATIVE is the enemy! Criticism can be good but it will never be to the point of Ron Paul "Cannot win" it will be to the point of what he needs to do "to win the GOP nomination"

No infiltrator will be able to give positive advice without kicking himself in the ass.

its best to watch all the videos yourself. And trust Ron Paul! Do not give in! Ron Paul has been fighting against the Liberal Neocon Movement for years you may just started its easy to get sucked into their False reality of ignorance!

Just know that Daily Paul is not Ron Paul, Ron Paul will be fighting hard for you every day and thats what you need to be thinking about not whats going down on dailypaul.com

These new posts talking about DailyPaul.com becoming a problem. Its not true the problem are those people who are saying it and those people who are getting sucked into the false reality that is ignorance.

DELUSION is a far bigger

DELUSION is a far bigger enemy than negative REALITY.

Sticking your head in the sand only makes it that you don't see the lion coming to kill you. It doesn't make him pass by the ostrich for another kill.

The 5 year old with his fingers in his ears screaming "MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB" so he can't hear his mother STILL has to take his bath and go to bed. And repeating We are WINNING doesn't take away the 200+ bounddelegates Romney won this week, or change the 40+ lead Romney has in Texas and California. Which are the ONLY two states he needs to clinch.

Saying delegates can abstain does not make it so.

So it is pointless to even

So it is pointless to even support Ron Paul because he cannot win??

my head is not buried in the sand. Yours might be though.

I see the new world order all around me!

I see the controlling elite saying Ron Paul cannot win!

But you know what else I see?

A reality of awaken people! I see everyone around me that gets a mass information of Ron Paul everyday!

They do not get it from the main stream media but they get it from their family, friends, neighbours, coworkers, teammates and random strangers!

I see that the people are fed up with obama and the controlling elite and the greedy bankers!

I see Ron Paul winning the hearts and minds of American people! I don't see Ron Paul winning the hearts and minds of the establishment!! And that to me is why Ron Paul is winning and will win

Well done, GeorgeHenry!

Very well done! People all around the country are waking up because of the hard work you and others of us are doing. It's a beautiful sight.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Truthbearer's picture

Great words...

...and minds think alike.


The greatest sin.

What the gist of the above thread is saying, correct me if wrong, is he is speaking to the "Attack" modes and dis-harmonic tit-for tatting going on here. Yes. Love those romulans, and soterobaminites. Division is a tool of man, not God.

Have not seen the commentary over on that other thread yet, but I bet it is around Ron saying that is is "unlikely" he will be nominated. Been writing this rant below, which is being re-posted here because it is relative.

Stay on target. We are winning!

From a previous posting:

Been using...the pen to fight the info-war since two weeks after the horrible murderous inside job of 9/11 that was perpetuated by the mosad and inside elements of the bush administration. Nothing has stopped the inspired words since, and nothing will barring death itself.

Back then, we were few in number doing all we could to spread liberty and truth in the hopes that the informational seeds planted would take root and the mass mind would awaken to stop the madness.

The hope would be, seeing the horrible truths would inspire normal good hearted folks to DO what it takes to change the insanity of a rouge empire gone amuck in the world with weaponry and the tools of death like no other in history. The wars? Practice for what is coming to America.

The DP has traditionally been an open forum for new and awakening inspired information to flow like the Spice for people to learn from and research, or not. The good news is, in the slow process of the awakening, many seeds, not all, have taken root and today we see more and more people that are understanding what the big picture looks like, instead of what the Television mind control wants you to know. We are all learning to speak the common language of the Bankster. It shows in these commentaries. Give thanks.

It is the Spirit of something greater than most humans know about, or have actually experienced that inspires this pen to keys to words. Call it what ever you want, I call it Love. Never liked writing and reading in school, but passionately doing all that is possible to save this country as she lays gasping in her death throws became more important than ignoring it like so many choose to do. It may not all be on target, properly put in English form, or accepted, but that is not of a concern.

The original intentions were to just shotgun the internet with information like Johnny Apple Seed would madly throw about seeds in the hopes they would grow. This is where the term "blog" came from. We would, and still do just double barrel shotgun blog out lots of info, maybe more than most can handle, and hope that some of the seeds will prosper.

As we have seen from a historical perspective, this methodology has worked well considering the massive odds we are up against in those multimillion dollar lame stream propaganda machines and large amounts of liars and dis/mis-info artists that call their tripe news.

Open to learning how to better present truth for sure. People will take what they want and hopefully do the homework and research because Knowledge is Power if used correctly. Ignorance is the greatest Sin and has traditionally been the due cause of many a lost civilization.

We are in a time of history where we must be DOING everything we ALL can to save what is left of this country, America. Only the election or Ron Paul will save America and our ways of life. This one message alone deserves to be repeated over and over again because the mass mind has not got that yet and sadly, if they don't, there will not be much to write about here on the DP anymore for several reasons.

We are fast headed towards the long planned martial law lock down after some kind of false flag event is caused by the same crew that gave you 9/11. The amounts of irregularities around the coming nato-meeting in Chicago is seriously looking grim. Do the homework. Look to the possibility of a reactor or a dirty-thing happening there to cause the quick move to the emergency situation they need to implement the Police State.

Should you stay or go?

What a beautiful world we still have. Choice is still a luxury we all enjoy. Freedom is still something we all have. The first Amendment is something that barely exists. And liberty is still the cause. The best thing we can all do is to continue to follow our hearts...one day at a time.


Maybe you missed the point, GeorgeHenry.

I was not addressing the problem of ordinary trolls. It is something far worse.

Yes, you are corect that Dr. Paul has been fighting for years. Do you believe it was just for the fight that he chose to run for president? Think it might have something to do with the fact that his support has grown into a full blown movement and is spreading because of the people here? Do not dismiss us or the impact we have so easily.

The "problem" I was addressing is not "ignorance". It is professional mind control that leads to group dissatisfaction and destroys everything Dr. Paul has devoted his life to.

Dr. Paul is fighting hard BECAUSE we are fighting with him. Capeesh?

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Mind Control is

Mind Control is IGNORENCE!

Think back to star wars, the weak minded can easly be manipulated.

You may be awake, but you were "ignorent" not to watch the video before you commented about it, you just followed the crowed.

The amount of times Ron Paul said the goal is to WIN the nomination this is probably why you made this post? You felt "Ignorent" to just take someone elses words for it!

It is "NEVER" about group dissatisfaction! It is "ALWAYS" about Individuals making a choice! You personaly made a choice, you pesonally followed the crowed.

The Ron Paul Revolution is about waking up from that state of mind and being able to spot "ignorence" and use "Common Sense"

It is something far worse. / it sure is ...

Shaping the Moral, Cultural, Political, and Economic Decline of the United States of America. The Tavistock Institute is located in the City of London and at Sussex University in England.

Dr. John Coleman, Dr. John Coleman, the author of 15 books, the best known of which is Conspirators Hierarchy, The Committee of 300, was one of the the first writers to bring the world's attention to the existence of Tavistock, hitherto unknown to press and pundits alike, in a monograph published in 1969. Since his initial 1969 revelations concerning the pivotal role that Tavistock plays in shaping political, social, educational, and economic 'opinions', especially in the United States, more than a few writers of global conspiracy have attempted to place laurels upon their shoulders for revelations about Tavistock's key influence as the Mother of all Propaganda Ministries, while ignoring the fact that this pioneering work was first published by John Coleman. Dr. Coleman's new book, however, leaves no doubt as to who is the master and who are the students when it comes to the subject of Tavistock.

The book is stunning in the new knowledge that it reveals about the hidden role of British oligarchs to shape and control public opinion in order to manipulate the British public (and later the American public) into accepting the notion that war with Germany was necessary in order "to secure a lasting peace."

The plan to 'create' public opinion began in 1913 as a propaganda factory centered at Wellington House in London. Sir Edward Grey, the British Foreign Secretary at the time, installed Lord Northcliffe (Britain's most influential newspaper magnate) as its director. Lord Northcliffe's position was over sighted by Lord Rothmere on behalf of the British Crown. The operational staff of Wellington House consisted of Lord Northcliffe, Arnold Toynbee (future director of studies at the Royal Institute of International Affairs), and the Americans, Walter Lippmann and Edward Bernays (nephew to Signund Freud).

Funding was initially provided by the Royal family, but soon to include the Rothchilds (related to Lord Northcliffe by marriage) and the Rockefellers. Wellington House would grow into the Tavistock Institute in 1921 after the propaganda "victories" of the First World War and the Federal Reserve banking system (created in 1913) had been secured.

whole article:



I am not sheep

InfilTRAITORS do not bother me. Negativity does not bother me. I am at peace with myself and completely focused.

This is my only statement to the GOP/DNC:

No One But Paul. By write-in, if necessary.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul