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They Hate us for Our Freedom!

“They hate us for our Freedom”

I have heard the line, “they hate us for our freedom” so many times from candidates for the presidency, pundits on the major news channels and neo-conservative strategists that I almost started to believe it.

That is the official line that is meant to be the reason terrorists have attacked the United States for the past 20 years, including the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

Let’s say for a moment that the terrorists did truly hate us because we are a free nation. Their desired goal would be to end freedom. Their desired goal would be to destroy the institutions that make America free. The Constitution and the bill of rights, our legal system, our rights to peacefully protest, our rights to speak out against injustice( even government injustice), our rights of property and free voluntary travel and commerce would all be prime targets of the radical-Islamo-facist terrorists. If they could destroy those things that are just a few pillars of America’s freedom, they would surely be satisfied and not hate us anymore, right?

Well, let’s do the math. Since 9/11 the Patriot Act has enabled the United States Government to have vastly increased surveillance and investigatory power on United States citizens. Congress passed and President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act which allows the Military to arrest United States citizens without Habeas Corpus, without a trial, without an attorney, and keep them detained indefinitely anywhere they wish. The House of Representatives just passed CISPA, an internet bill that will affectively open all internet use to government oversight and eventually censorship. The IRS can revoke passports from citizens that have unpaid back taxes. US citizens abroad must pay taxes on income they earn abroad to the US government even if they have not lived in or do not plan to live in the United States for the last or next 20 years. Private property is being taxed in every way imaginable but mostly by planning and zoning regulations that make any use of one’s private property strictly limited by the government’s will. American sovereignty is being superseded by international laws and philosophies. Many of which, such as Agenda-21 and the Rio Agenda, co-opt environmentalism to justify World government’s rule over sovereign Nations. The NSA, FBI, TSA and all of Homeland Security are more focused on the potential of domestic “terrorism” than preventing foreign terrorism. Our borders are barely guarded while our intelligence agencies make plans to stifle domestic protests and monitor and maintain amplified surveillance on US citizens. Executive orders by the last several Presidents have replaced legislative actions and have put in place the framework for powers that are the exact same as those of a dictator. The President has accused the Supreme Court of judicial activism in the review of his healthcare law which forces US citizens to give control over their health insurance and healthcare decisions to the government. The job of the Supreme Court is to check for Constitutionality of legislation and the President was trying to undermine that check and balance with his statements.

Our freedom is so infringed upon by our own politicians and government regulations in the name of security, or fighting terrorism, or social justice, or environmental justice, or regulatory fairness, or redistribution of wealth, or Presidential prerogative, or healthcare as a human right, it almost seems that we have nothing more to fear from radical-Islamo-fascist terrorists. If we are no longer free, they have no reason to hate us. The job they set out to do with the 9/11 attacks seems to have been a success. Our freedom is diminishing so we need not fear them.

If we no longer have to fear the terrorists, who does that leave for the average American citizen to fear? Maybe we need to fear those that can arrest us at anytime and detain us indefinitely, prevent us from demonstrating and protesting peacefully, spy on us on the web or on the phone or with satellites at any time, grope us at airports, confiscate our property or passports at anytime, ignore and defy the Constitution with regulations or 16,000 page laws at anytime, write executive orders that offer the President omnipotence at anytime, put our army, police, laws and justice in the hands of international governing bodies at anytime, and maybe we should fear those that easily ignore or forget that what makes the United States of America special-successful-great-peaceful is freedom, equal justice, a Constitution based on rule of law and individual liberty.

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I'd say it's the government that hates us for our Freedoms

long before I'd believe a foreigner did.

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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.


They hate us for not being one of them. but whats funny is they don't even treat their own people respectfully, there uncivilized barbarians. i hope they evolve soon. that goes for the islamists and the neo cons in goverment.

Fear is the objective word Carl..

When I took self defense, we were taught not to fear an attacker (and that is what your Government is), because fear strips you of rational thinking and strength. We were taught to get ANGRY, and to use the strength that anger gives you against those who want to violate you. (and you ARE being violated by your Government).
Get ANGRY America, carry a righteous indignation openly and share it with everyone you met in your daily life, spread it around liberaly.This IS a Revolution.

the only people I fear..

are the ones in govt. After growing up in a military/govt family and witnessing all the abuses and waste.. and seeing so many people treated poorly.. and watching our govt slowly chip away at all of our freedoms...

Govt is the only fear I have.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul