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Spain - Madrid Endorses Ron Paul 2012 ! - Must See !

Spain - Madrid Endorses RON PAUL 2012 !! - Must See !!
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Incredible. If Ron sees this

Incredible. If Ron sees this it will make his week! So amazing the effect he is having is NOT just here! This is WONDERFUL!!

thanks for sharing!

that was awesome

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Bump: Liberty for all.

May they be protected from bribes that corrupt and bombs that kill.

Free includes debt-free!

Brilliant Effort!

I love this type of activism.

True champions of liberty!

Thank you.



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It's creepy how the European

It's creepy how the European countries hardly know who Ron Paul is in this information age. What gives?

some of them

apparently know more about him than a lot of Americans..

What's up with *that*??


...my great, great, Grandfather's country. I'm so proud!


site to see.

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This is huge!!!

This should go viral!!!! VIVA LA REVOLUCION!