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*Update 2.0*How many of you in here pledge to Never back Romney? *UPDATE 2.0*

Just curious as to how many patriots here plan to stand with us against the idiotic "ABO" (Anyone But Obama) the Obsolete GOP have been screaming at us to follow.

While we have a great chance of winning the nomination still, I plan to write Dr. Paul's name in if he doesn't get the nomination.

One thing is absolutely certain... Romney and the GOP will NEVER get my vote!

How many of you feel the same way?

GOP 2.0

Ron Paul 2012
The Ron Paul Supporters Creed

Ron Paul Supporters Will NOT Vote for Mitt Romney

*Update 2.0*

Lately, we have seen many Romney operatives on this site and on the internet trying to sabotage our movement by attempting to guilt or pressure you into voting for the disgrace that is Romney/Ryan.

I think most of us in here know that Romney and Obama are essentially the same candidate with Marginal differences between them. The unfortunate reality is that one of these two horrible people is going to win the Presidency.

While there has been much debate on this site and throughout the Liberty movement about whether to write in Ron Paul or vote Gary Johnson, I think we can all agree that a Romney win would be a devastating blow for Freedom and Liberty in this country. Romney is an inherently evil and vile person who only lusts for war and control of every aspect of your life.

The simple fact is while I can never advocate voting for Obama, as I think you should vote for who you believe best represents you as an American, and I believe he does not represent me, I believe we should all stand together against Romney. At the very minimum at least 4 years of Obama with a GOP controlled congress, would be better than 8 potential years of Romney completely unchecked and prepared to reign terror and fascism in this country.

So whether you chose to vote for Johnson or write in Ron Paul, just make sure you tell everyone you know of the threat that a Romney win poses to this country and stay involved. The next 4 years are going to be difficult but if we continue to work together we vote in Liberty Movement candidates at the state and local level and have a chance at a Liberty Movement President in 4 2016.

So I ask all of you will you fold to the pressure of the Neocon/Romney machine or will you stand with the rest of the patriots in this movement against the American terror that is Romney/Ryan.


Romney/Ryan and the GOP have proven by their actions this entire election and especially at the RNC, that they neither want nor deserve our support or our Vote.

Ryan and Romney are a disgrace and an embarrassment to this country and everything it was built on.

I pledge to not only never vote or support Romney, but I pledge to convince everyone I know that a vote for Romney is a vote for Corruption, Fraud, hatred of our constitution and personal freedoms.

Frankly a vote for Romney is a slap in the face of everyone in this movement who worked their butts off to become a delegate only to get shafted! It's a slap in the face of the Vets for Ron Paul and anyone who served this country to protect our freedoms! It's a slap in the face of everyone who phone banked or donated to the movement, and you should be embarrassed and ashamed of yourself if you even contemplate voting for the disgrace that is Romney/Ryan.

I will encourage everyone I know to either write in Ron Paul or Vote for any third party.

You have a choice this November... The President of the United States is supposed to be a representation of you as an American and someone you can respect as a leader and should reflect your views. Anyone who votes or supports Romney is saying that their personal views are essentially lies, corruption, violence and the antithesis of everything this country was built on.

This is the most upvoted thread in the history of the DP and I am proud to stand with every patriot in here who has made this pledge.

Do not fold, We Are the Future of This Country. Step one is to remove every single NEO-CON from any position of influence.

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Can you say

write in vote. Nobody but Paul.
A vote for the lesser of 2 evils is still evil

“The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.” – Thomas Jefferson

There is literally NOTHING that Mittens could say or do that

would make me trust that SOB. Nothing.

Ron Paul or none at all.

No One But Ron Paul for Me Too!

( :


No way in hell...

I'm voting for Obamney.

"Freedom granted only when it is known beforehand that its effects will be beneficial is not freedom." - Hayek

Since Obama and Romney are the EXACT same....

I will NOT vote for ANYONE but Ron Paul...even if it means a write in. WHY? Because in 4 years, Rand Paul can run for the Republican Presidential nominee and bring another opportunity that Ron Paul is giving us RIGHT NOW!

it's true, a vote for Romney

it's true, a vote for Romney is a vote for Obama any way you look at it. Ron Paul is the only choice we have.

After Reading These Posts

All I can say is good luck winning without us. The thing for us to do is stick together and promote liberty minded candidates in every election with our votes and our voices. Wherever they live, whatever their Party affiliation. Let Freedom Ring.

Nobody but Paul!!!

Nobody but Paul!!!

Never. Romney = Obomney. Paul or Bust.

How could one ever settle for road kill, rotten, stinkin, maggot infested road kill, when you've had the chance to eat the very best, free range, no hormones or drugs, top-of-the-line, filet mignon?

I'll starve before I put my fork into either hunk of decomposing flesh they call "candidates".

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

No one but Paul.


Considerations for the 2012 U.S. Presidential Race from the Mind of a Political Independent-Use this tool to educate the unconverted and prove support for Dr. Paul among Independents.


I'll write in Ron Paul if I have to but I will NOT support that fraud of a candidate. "Holy" underwear or not, he and his supporters have the ethics and character of a snake, IMO.

Ron Paul or no one at all, for me!

flip it on em'

Once its made clear that the path, which once seemed to lead Romney to the nomination, is nonexistant without the support of Us, and the situation, when seen in reality, will require them to back Us. Will they still rally to the Republican candidate, and stay the course to remove Obama? Will party lines be drawn and sides chosen upon them?

question to the establishment- Will you show your support for the only candidate that has a chance of beating Obama after we flex our delegate muscle?

headed to the Tx state convention in june. Steadily onward!

"Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive".
Ron Paul 2012 and Liberty from then on.

I agree, I wont vote at all.

I agree, I wont vote at all. Also, I will be leaving the Party for life. RP 2012



I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

We had our district

We had our district convention the other day. Unfortunately, we were outnumbered and only got one alternate. But the next day, we had a visitor at Meetup. It was a GOP water carrier from the convention, trying to co opt us. They really believe they'll be able to bring us all on board. FUCK them. I've done my work. Gold, silver and lead. Beans and rice. Bring it bitches.

Ron Paul is my litmus test

Not only will I never ever vote for any presidential candidate besides Ron Paul, I will never vote for any politician, in any office, who does not agree with the principles Ron Paul stands for. I was a delegate to our State convention (which we won the majority of national delegates for Ron Paul btw, in Colorado) and throughout the process we heard so many candidates running for so many positions, all conservative, all constitutional, all for limited government... lines that seem to be from Ron's own mouth. But when we would talk to them about Ron Paul, they would hem and haw and say that they like him for this and that but... So right away I know they are a phony. I will never ever vote for another politician who does not honor Ron Paul.

I did say on an earlier post

if he tattooed "end the fed" on his forehead...maybe I would

but then again, after I picked myself up from the floor, I would probably say "sorry Mitt, nice try...but I still don't believe you"

I hear you

Would anybody buy a used car from that man?

Nobody but Ron!I have another

Nobody but Ron!I have another chance to vote for the legend. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to vote with the founders of America, to be a part of a world-changing event. I wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror if I didn't back this man all the way, and in so doing, lend support to all of you.

I agree, I have a rare chance

I agree, I have a rare chance to vote for someone I actually believe in, who stands for everything I know is right. And I'm supposed to just roll over because "he won't win". I don't think so. When it's all said and done, I will be proud of what I see in the mirror.

I pledge allegiance...

to the flag, the Constitution, and fight for LIBERTY!!!

Ron Paul has my vote 100% no matter what!

SPC Haas
82nd Airborne Infantry Division
2/504 P.I.R.

Ron E(a)RNEST Paul
truth is his middle name!

I pledge allegiance

To no one......no matter what! No flag,no person...no nothing

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.


....even if i have to write him in


I will not compromise! There's too much at stake, namely, the future of the United States! Not even to get rid of Obama. I've had it with the two parties that are only committed to destroying every wage-earner in America! They are nothing but crooks and liars, who promise change and reform but sell out to the globalist banking cartels the minute the doors close behind them.

No one but Paul

No matter what


Paul to the WALL!!

No one but Paul.

No one but Paul.

The Revolution Continues..

No to Romney

This Massachusetts native is here to say that Romney will never have my vote!

"Loyalty's worth more than wealth...in a world where...people be all for self."

Ron Paul

and not a damn chance for anyone else