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Has a tv commercial showcasing the large crowds been made yet?

I know RP supporters have been pleading for that. A collage of homemade vids shouldn't be too expensive. That would have a nice grass roots effect.

Edit: And yes, a side-by-side comparison with Romney's "crowds" and his fake grassroots signs would be awesome! Has anybody heard why this hasn't been done yet? We shouldn't be smarter than the campaign. Very frustrating.

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Good idea!

Wish I'd thought of it. :)

And I'm wondering why they don't do one showing comparison's with Romney and Paul's crowds and maybe ask "Who is really unelectable"?

This idea has actually been

This idea has actually been kicked around a lot here. You're right. A comparison would be great. Very frustrating when great opportunities are apparently dismissed.



I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

It is...

... utterly amazing that the campaign has not used these images for TV advertisements: "What the media did not show you." They could make one such advert and then, through a money bomb, ask those who attended the rallies to contribute $20 toward running the adverts. Those who bothered to attend, would no doubt gladly contribute $20 towards the advert: 50,000 times $20 = one million. Nothing more powerful than 4,400 Michiganders raising the roof. Alas...

Plano TX

I'd Piggyback

I'd piggyback on this idea and turn it into a Romney crowds versus Paul crowds and ask, "Who has the best chance of defeating Obama in November?" Show both candidates' crowds, possibly the headline of the story about Romney faking grassroots support by handing out campaign-made signs that look like supporter-made signs, Romney's website drive for small donations from individuals that cost more money per small donation than was collected...


great idea



Utterly amazing to the point of suspicious and depressing. No excuse for that. what better way to show both how very popular rp really is and how dishonest the media is. But nothing? What's the objective again?