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Yes, Slate #7 for All of Louisiana

Just got off the phone with Nick at the Baton Rouge Headquarters (a volunteer from Arkansas) to vote Slate #7. There will be Paul People at all locations handing out slate ballots for #7.

Our Louisiana Caucus is very different from other States; all we have to do is show up and vote. No need to stay, since there will be no Speeches, no Robert’s Rules, or anything similar to other states we’ve seen videos of. The hours of voting are from 8:30am to 12 noon.

A list of voting sites is here: http://www.dailypaul.com/229411/louisiana-caucus-locations

I’m going to offer lunch to all the Paul volunteers after the voting is done at my location.

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sounds like a huge tool

Truth is Treason...

Thank you, oceanoz!

Polls open in 5 minutes. Go, Paul patriots! Vote Slate #7 for Liberty!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand