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Ron Paul's (not so) Secret Plan when he DOES become President

Disclaimer: "We need a Revolution every Generation" -Thomas Jefferson. We are due for a Revolution as we are all at at tipping point and it will be vast and sudden and not gradual.

Hypothetically, a free energy device BY ITSELF released throughout the world could eliminate all war, poverty, and environmental destruction and turn the deserts green and create free food, shelter, and water for all provided a certain quota of work to set up the basic infrastructure. This is just one example of how World Peace can be established in One Year through One Announcement. It must also be considered that Ron Paul is aware of free energy devices and other suppressed technology under the guise of "national security" and that as a believer in freedom for all, he will release said free energy devices, thus establishing World Peace for the first time in Human History. Free energy has higher implications than a $0 energy bill. It creates Abundance where no one is in need or want, thus eliminating Greed, Corruption, War, and Suffering.

Boom. 2012 is about World Peace being condensed into One Single Announcement. An Age of Abundance. A Golden Age. This is what the Mayans/Egyptians/HopiIndians/Sumerians/etc predicted. Ron Paul's Second Coming. LOL. But seriously. Food for thought, folks. Don't take literally, but do consider this very real possibility with Ron Paul recently winning a majority of the delegates in at least 5 states including Iowa, Minnesota, and Washington which means he will be appearing in Tampa at the GOP Convention. No one seems to be mentioning that Ron Paul is the LAST one left other than Romney. Also, we need to see a Ron Paul vs Romney debate at last. Now there can be no media blackout and Ron Paul will finally get the Truth out to the people and properly educate them.

Also, if the Mass Arrests scenario that Fulford/Drake/Wilcock are proposing don't follow through, I think if Ron Paul was elected President, he would expose every fraud in the Government and Banking ever done and arrest every one of them. Obama, Bush, Clinton, Soro, Kissinger, ALL OF THEM.

Look at how shy and coy and fragile Ron Paul projects himself yet he is sneakily winning all of the REAL delegates and actually WINNING the race right under Romney's nose.

Ron Paul is a Force to be reckoned with and his public ideas are only the tip of the iceberg. He will Expose it All and Release it All. Disclosure at last, folks. America: The Last Bastion of Freedom.

Notice how Ron Paul doesn't get caught up in emotion and express violent outrage at all the corruption he is aware of. Just recently he told everyone about how corrupt the Pharmaceutical industry was and how it was in bed with Big Government. He knows these horrible truths and crimes, yet he knows he would isolate himself if he started spouting these conspiracy "theories" (facts) so he is quiet force that will release a Butt Load of Peace and Justice on all when he gets the Power to. He believes in the Law.

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Seriously Accurate Measures

The concept of Free Energy is misunderstood by many people as being the same thing as Fraud, like this:

Free Energy = Fraud

The accurate measure of exactly how much energy costs, on the other hand, is also misunderstood.

People are apt to believe things when they see things working in real time.

Therefore it is probably a good idea to stay away from concepts that cause misunderstanding and instead the good idea would be to work on concepts that can be seen while they are working in real time.


If there is a very necessary form of Energy then FOOD would be one, Water would be another, Oxygen another, then Shelter, including clothing, then transportation all of which are currently being Monopolized and therefore very much NOT FREE.



More Free Energy = Whatever actually is more free

Currently the Legal Crime National Government Steals Power in the form of a Money Monopoly and in the form of a Direct Tax or Income Tax upon The People and that money is then spent to pay farmers to stop growing food, and to pay a few farmers subsidies that are then used to overpower the competition, so as to create one Network of Farmers or an effective State Farm Cabal.

It is very simple economics to know what happens to the COST of FOOD when FOOD is willfully made scarce, by destroying food that has been made, and by paying farmers to stop making food, and less obvious, but none-the-less true, by Monopolizing all food production so that the force of competition no longer works to force quality up and prices down.

Not Free Energy = Monopoly Food Fraud Business

Hi, we are from the Government, we are here to help, destroy all your food, here is a sum of money for your trouble.

But people are starving, it makes no sense to destroy food.

We know better, we are the Government, we are here to help, destroy the food, you have no option, do it now.

That Scenario is not NEWS, it is fact, ask around.

What is a competitive option to that Scenario concerning ONE source of Energy = Food?

Not Free Energy = Monopoly Food Fraud
People are forced to pay Income Tax = Earnings are spent on destroying food, and other methods of monopolizing or destroying Food Production Competition

Less Not Free Energy = Competition in Free Food Markets
No Income Tax, No Federal Reserve, No FDA, Each State Government competes to attract Farmers to their State, Farmers who are best at growing the best Food at the lowest prices take over Market Share and the State where the best Farmers live Free (or die) are the wealthiest and can therefore afford a Federal Government Expense paid by The State to the Federal Government - NO DIRECT TAX of THE PEOPLE.

That is one example of one source of Energy showing how the relative COST of that one source of Energy can be very high for specific reasons or very much lower for specific reasons, and it can be known by people as their choices are seen by them every day they shop for food.

Expansive Low Quality versus Less Expensive Higher Quality

Transportation Fuel

This relative comparison is already being seen by more and more people despite all the forces that intend to censor this information from all the ready consumers of Transportation Fuel and any person anywhere can do the measuring on their own anytime they wish, and no one is being forced to be ignorant about this seriously accurate measure of Transportation Fuel.

In context with this Topic I will show the relative comparison of 5 competitors in Transportation Fuel that are currently available in various amounts of supply to any consumer anywhere. Some consumers will not be supplied with some of these options - yet. You be the judge as to which Transportation Fuel will be Free enough for you to want instead of the Transportation Fuel that is much less Free.

Free Energy Devices = No cost at all for Transportation Fuel

Electricity as Transportation Fuel where the Electricity is Produced by a Monopoly State Subsidized Electric Power Company = 2 cents per mile

Electricity produced at home with various current forms of home Electric Production devices such as Solar Panels = less than 2 cents per mile

Various plants such as Sugar or Beans used to make Alcohol as fuel = very roughly 10 cents per mile

Algae plants used to make Transportation Fuel = less than 3a by a wide margin due in part to the rapid growth of Algae compared to Sugar or Beans etc.

Petroleum fuel or gasoline produced by a World Wide Monopoly = roughly 10 cents per mile and subject to rapid fluctuations of price as the suppliers control the supply by restricting or flooding the market at will.

Horses as Transportation or merely walking. Not free due to the increase in time required to get from point A to point B.

Something for nothing is the deal offered by Frauds, including the Frauds in Public Office, and those liars can be exposed by relative comparison to the actual facts on the ground in reality where something will cost someone something.