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Ron Paul Revolution in Houston & Austin Texas - Local News Mashup

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Full speech at Austin

ALL Ron Paul speeches should be given prominence on DP:


So glad

That I'm in the right party. The Liberty Party. I have a good feeling about the delegate strategy and the upcoming events in Tampa. For Freedom and Liberty.

"It's a struggle day and night. But you got to keep up the fight. Real eyes realize real lies. Revolutionize.
Break the chains and hold on tight. Your mind is your souls sight. Think for yourself, stay alive. Revolutionize your mind."

So basically

A bunch of idiots

Nice job on the vid, thnx for

Nice job on the vid, thnx for sharing

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Here is a nice pic...

...to add to the pile of attendance records.



Inside Alaska Convention

Right now on Twitter @arctic_charm

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....keep us updated on the Alaska thread.


Nice to see the coverage...the message is tainted as usual

Great to see the coverage of Ron in Texas. Even nicer to see passionate supporters and believers !!

Please get and vote Texas, make this a Ron Paul landslide. I am tired of hearing the, he doesn't have a chance mantra of the MSM.

Can a computer algorithm write better journalism than a human reporter.... interesting article folks...
at least it is not bias. Maybe the only way to get the straight news.


"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

Hachiko's Story

Hachiko's Story

The MSM always spins there narrative!!

"so I gave that one reporter both barrels! I told him that I personally thought the MSM was the biggest terrorist group in the US bar none! I told him that the MSM has actively and openly fought RP from the very beginning of this election cycle. I said if they don't promote thar stays quo then I don't know who does!!" of course they couldn't put that on there propaganda network. And my friend mathew said a lot of other good stuff which was all cut out except the part about coke and pepsi! JCM(James Calder Marshall) man I hate that terrorist group!! Like I always say, "the MSM is the worst terrorist group in the US but they are the least well known!!"

What? They're Actually Giving Him Coverage!

Don't you love it? They always say he has no chance. He's way behind in the delegate count. They ask why is he still running? What positive coverage as usual.

I would like these questions asked of Romney. Why don't you get crowds in the thousands at your rally's? What's your detailed message on fixing the economy now and not ten years from now? What's your detailed views on the recent bills passed regarding our civil liberties? But, you know the MSM won't ask Romney questions of substance.

He is the frontrunner in our eyes. If there was no Diebold machines and everything was done in the open, not transporting ballots to other locations, and it was video recorded, our elections would be free of most fraud and transparent to the public. Ron Paul is what every politican should represent when they took the oath of office to uphold the constitution but, sadly that's not the reality.

Voting for someone

There is going to be only one entry on my ballot this fall, because there is only one person I can vote for.

I hope I can do this by placing a mark next to Ron Paul. If not I will write his name in.

I have discovered way too late in life (I am about 6 years younger than Ron Paul), that voting for the lesser of two evils still gets us evil.

I have probably been like most people - too busy with the business of life to take time out and really think about what's going on, and really think about what I believe.

I am so glad to see that the youth of the nation are doing what I have not done: challenge the status quo of big government and limited freedom. I would hope that I would live long enough to see that the seeds of liberty and limited government that Ron Paul is planting will at least begin to sprout. Maybe, just maybe, we will see flowers in full bloom after the November election.

don't you just love fox

Good old dependable FOX on 7. Everyone else didn't shy away from mentioning Paul drawing thousands, but the dolt on FOX stutters as he lies saying hundreds. Shame on anyone who likes the charlatans at FAUX news.

Yes, he drew a crowd of sixty hundred at UT


We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

4000 reduced to "hundreds" in less than 9 min.

The reporters, copy writers, and LSM manipulators should open WEIGHT LOSS CLINICS. Their focus on reduction and minimization could be better utilized in that profession rather than "journalism".

speaking of hundreds, I heard

speaking of hundreds, I heard the national debt is now over 150 hundred of 100 hundred of 100 hundred of 10...

wow... that was incredibly painful to do... gee... someone should really invent a word for larger than hundred...

Love the Buttons

Where can I get Bumper Stickers with "Good Luck Winning Without Us"?

I only have the pins , you

I only have the pins , you can email me geb27@aol.com

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Thanks for posting! This is

Thanks for posting! This is great for Texans to watch their local news and see these large crowds over their TVs. I thought it was funny that one reporter (Wiggens) said, "he definitely started something."

Rona Paulooza!

Rona Paulooza is still going strong and gaining momentum! Go Ron Paul!

Check out my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/BereanStudent

The Good News!!

This campaign has done an unbelievable amount of good. Win or lose, imagine how many people's views will be changed for life.. and how many people those people may affect.

At the start of the campaign I was uninvolved and had no idea what was really going on in the world. That all changed when someone asked me about what I thought of Ron Paul. I replied ..well isn't he kinda 'crazy or out there'... they responded: 'I don't know, he said A lot of good things at the debate, why do you think that?' Things that came to mind were the Gold Standard and Ending the Federal Reserve.. or even the foreign policy, But I knew little to nothing about most of those issues. Thats when I realized I was just regurgitating nonsense I heard on the news, rather than thinking and forming my own opinions.

This campaign changed me from an apathetic fool.. to a dedicated promoter of liberty and freedom... I was never dumb, I was brainwashed.. And I have this campaign to thank for changing that. So even if were not on track to win the nomination, I can still enjoy the fact that millions of people will never have the same political views again, and that every penny donated was put to good use.

Well said!

Very well said, Powell!

Thanks for that truism..:)

Thanks for that truism..:)

Prince Priebus is a liar and

Prince Priebus is a liar and a lawless 'ends-justifies-the-means' political hack.
It's "OFFICIAL" that the Primary is OVER?
Their Chosen One (not Congressman Paul) is where they are (prematurely) placing their resources.
They are now in General Election mode seeing the only opponent being "The European Nightmare that is in the White House."
RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus has abandoned GOP Rule #11, ending FAIR ELECTION PROCESS we knew it as Democracy
What country do you live in?