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Ron Paul's (not so) Secret Plan when he DOES become President

Disclaimer: "We need a Revolution every Generation" -Thomas Jefferson. We are due for a Revolution as we are all at at tipping point and it will be vast and sudden and not gradual.

Hypothetically, a free energy device BY ITSELF released throughout the world could eliminate all war, poverty, and environmental destruction and turn the deserts green and create free food, shelter, and water for all provided a certain quota of work to set up the basic infrastructure. This is just one example of how World Peace can be established in One Year through One Announcement. It must also be considered that Ron Paul is aware of free energy devices and other suppressed technology under the guise of "national security" and that as a believer in freedom for all, he will release said free energy devices, thus establishing World Peace for the first time in Human History. Free energy has higher implications than a $0 energy bill. It creates Abundance where no one is in need or want, thus eliminating Greed, Corruption, War, and Suffering.

Boom. 2012 is about World Peace being condensed into One Single Announcement. An Age of Abundance. A Golden Age. This is what the Mayans predicted. Ron Paul's Second Coming. LOL. But seriously. Food for thought, folks. Don't take literally, but do consider this very real possibility with Ron Paul recently winning a majority of the delegates in at least 5 states including Iowa, Minnesota, and Washington which means he will be appearing in Tampa at the GOP Convention. No one seems to be mentioning that Ron Paul is the LAST one left other than Romney. Also, we need to see a Ron Paul vs Romney debate at last. Now there can be no media blackout and Ron Paul will finally get the Truth out to the people and properly educate them.

Also, if the Mass Arrests scenario that Fulford/Drake/Wilcock are proposing don't follow through, I think if Ron Paul was elected President, he would expose every fraud in the Government and Banking ever done and arrest every one of them. Obama, Bush, Clinton, Soro, Kissinger, ALL OF THEM.

Look at how shy and coy and fragile Ron Paul projects himself yet he is sneakily winning all of the REAL delegates and actually WINNING the race right under Romney's nose.

Ron Paul is a Force to be reckoned with and his public ideas are only the tip of the iceberg. He will Expose it All and Release it All. Disclosure at last, folks. America: The Last Bastion of Freedom.

Notice how Ron Paul doesn't get caught up in emotion and express violent outrage at all the corruption he is aware of. Just recently he told everyone about how corrupt the Pharmaceutical industry was and how it was in bed with Big Government. He knows these horrible truths and crimes, yet he knows he would isolate himself if he started spouting these conspiracy "theories" (facts) so he is quiet force that will release a Butt Load of Peace and Justice on all when he gets the Power to. He believes in the Law.

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To Serve Man

Your paragraph on the free energy device makes Dr. Paul sound like the Kanamit (alien being) representative in the Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man". And we know how that turned out... SPOILER ALERT... "It's a cookbook!".

A free energy device,

A free energy device, assuming it was actually possible, would heat the planet up far worse than any carbon dioxide caused global warming. Eventually we'd run out of places to dump our waste heat, and we'd reach a nice equilibrium with a climate comparable to Venus.

Not So

All energy is the same, although in different forms. "waste" heat defines an inefficient process IE: NOT over unity or free. Quite the contrary a "free" (overunity) device would run cool if producing electricity, hot if producing heat etc.

I'm not talking about your

I'm not talking about your little device, I'm talking about what happens to all that waste heat after you've used your free energy.

I'm assuming when you studied physics in your sophomore year of college, you learned about thermodynamics, Gibbs free energy, entropy, and heat engines?

Who isn't considering that

Who isn't considering that Ron Paul is the only one left? That is all that has been talked about all week. The problem is...that is a NEGATIVE in terms of keeping Romney under 1144. Tuesday PROVED that Ron Paul is not going to pick up all, or even MOST of Santorum or Gingrich's delegates.

As fora debate..just stop. It is NOT going to happen and Ron Paul is not even going to ask for one because he KNOWS it is not going to happen. Why? Because he knows that he agreed MONTHS ago on what the debate schedule would be. So if he tried to demand a debate and Romney politely said no, which he would, it would not in ANY way hurt Romney's image. There simply is NEVER a debate in May. And certainly not when the two candidates are so far apart in delegates.

Ron Paul will not demand it because he knows it would make HIM look bad, and not Romney. So just get that completely out of your head. It will NEVER happen.

Nor is Ron Paul playing coy or shy. He is being REALISTIC and knowing that winning a few caucus states with a couple dozen delegates is not winning the primary race. Not when Romney wins 200 in one night like he did on Tuesday. Saying Ron Paul is secretly winning does nothing but takes away ALL credibility you may have had and eliminates any chance you have at being taken seriously as an intelligent adult. The Knicks hitting a 3 pointer while down by 26 in the 4th quarter is not winning the game.

And I still can't tell if you were seriously about the free energy device. I sure hope for your sake you were.

So, Linny

Why are you here trying to convince to us stop promoting our cause? Do you expect us to give up? By your tone, I can't imagine that you would have given a 2nd thought to even looking into Ron Paul. You sound like you work for Fox News. For a year we were told that we were irrelevant. No media coverage, smears, lies, the whole nine yards. Yet, we are still here. The point is, we want our voice heard. We are not going away. Not now, not ever.