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The CAUCUS System only for people who have Money...

My wife and I were asked twice to be DELEGATES to go to Augusta, Maine early in May. First we had to pay $25 apeace. Then we have to rent a motel room for three days. We have to have our "child" a Golden Retreiver taken to the only person we trust to watch him and she lives in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada which is about 65 miles from us and she would have to come here and then bring him home...cost $150...then we have to travel to AUgusta which is over 200 miles from our house in Calais, Maine.

Do the math...we don't have the money to be a delegate.

This is why the United States is in such a mess...only the people with money have a say. We have donated to the Campaign, however. And we have a Ron Paul Evolution sign in front of our house.

Do you understand why only 15 people from Calais showed up at our caucus? We think that Caucus is not the way to go.

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