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London pre-Olympics militarization raises police state fears

British journalists are concerned about the pre-Olympic militarization in London and the incursion on individual rights that is strengthened by the likes of the so-called hostage-taking incident over a failed drivers’ license on Friday.

Stories of the incident spread like wild fire in media and reports of a “crisis” involving an “armed” hostage-taker put the public on the alert that they may be facing a serious security risk.

However, the incident turned out to be much less dramatic after it emerged that the so-called hostage-taker was only a client of a training company, enraged after failing a drivers’ test three times and that there were no hostages involved.

read more http://www.presstv.com/detail/238476.html

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Any excuse to further

Any excuse to further militarize the police and in Britain especially, to increase surveillance of the people.

No terrorism worries.

Terrorism only happens when the government perpetrates it.
They always know when it's coming, because they are the ones doing it.